George Latimer for State Senate

The battle between George Latimer and Bob Cohen to replace retiring State Senator Suzi Oppenheimer in the 37th District is among the most closely watched in all of New York State, and it is expected to come down to the wire.

I urge you to support George Latimer.

This is more than a political request; this is a personal appeal. I have known George for close to twenty years and have seen firsthand his deep dedication to public service, his unwavering integrity, and his clear-eyed understanding of policy.

For New Rochelle, George has been a trusted partner and an invaluable advocate. Whether fighting for mandate relief, or tax fairness, or economic development – on issue after issue, I have counted on George to stand shoulder to shoulder with our community, and he has always delivered.

Nearly everyone who works with George on a personal basis comes to admire him. If you have a chance to meet George one-on-one, you’ll understand why, because he is able to address complex issues with remarkable clarity and conviction; he doesn’t speak in slogans; and he never forgets that his actions affect real lives.

For the sake of our values, families, city, and state, it is very important that we send George Latimer back to Albany as our next State Senator.

In recent weeks, you may have received an avalanche of negative mail attacking George in ugly and mean-spirited terms. Hundreds of thousands of dollars, all aimed at distorting George’s record and presenting simplistic solutions to complex challenges. Many of these negative attacks are paid for by so-called “independent” groups that have no connection to our district, no knowledge of our local priorities, no transparent accountability for their statements, and no goals beyond self-interest and narrow ideology. Don’t believe a word of it.

So in addition to electing George as our great State Senator on November 6th, we also have a chance to reject the sort of negative politics that’s been directed at him … and make clear that voters in New Rochelle won’t be fooled by expensive, misleading campaigns.

George Latimer has earned our vote through hard work, tremendous ability, and genuine personal decency. And New Rochelle needs him in the State Senate. Please support George Latimer on Tuesday, November 6th.

Note: The 37th State Senate District covers about half of New Rochelle. If you’re not sure whether you live in the 37th, then please check this map. (The 35th District, which covers the other half of New Rochelle, is represented by Andrea Stewart-Cousins, who is unopposed for reelection.)