Watch Our New Ad: It’s The Record That Counts

It’s not the smile that counts, it’s the record behind it.

Rob Astorino likes to pretend that he is a political moderate, but the facts tell a very different story. In fact, Astorino’s ultra-conservative record comes straight from the Tea Party playbook and is wrong for Westchester County.

Our new television ad exposes the reality behind the image.

Take a look and then pass it on.

Jeremy Sherber
Campaign Manager

Watch WCA Debate Online

Noam and Rob Astorino had a spirited exchange last night at the campaign’s second debate sponsored by the Westchester County Association.

Yes, Rob — These Issues Do Matter

Noam’s campaign is about controlling our overall tax bill, bringing jobs to Westchester, and protecting our environment. Rob Astorino’s administration has abandoned opportunities for smart planning, and set up our regional economy to fail. Noam wants to restore Westchester’s promise.

But it’s more than that. Public officials — at every level — should be responsible to stand up for our shared values, advocate for them, and act on them. But Rob Astorino refuses to accept responsibility for that part of his job. In fact, in two new TV ads last week, Astorino’s campaign called women’s health and gun safety “nonsense” and said Noam should be “ashamed” for bringing them up.

That’s wrong. And here’s Noam telling Astorino exactly why that’s wrong:

Of course these issues matter, it’s just that Rob Astorino’s positions are out of touch with Westchester’s mainstream values.