Mayors Discuss City Challenges and Opportunities on January 22

MayorsThis Friday morning, January 22nd, the mayors of Westchester’s four large cities will gather for a group discussion about the region’s urban centers.  The event is organized by the Business Council of Westchester and sponsored by Key Bank.  If you’d like to attend, you can get additional details and reserve a spot here.

I participate in these kinds of forums a few times a year, and they are always interesting.  Although Westchester’s cities all have different characteristics and opportunities, the similarities in our perspectives and strategies are striking, and we often learn from each other.

Better Streetscape Will Link New Ro Transit Center to Hospital

Monte StreetscapeA long-awaited streetscape upgrade is coming to the area surrounding Montefiore’s New Rochelle campus.

Funded entirely by federal grants, the roughly $1 million project will include new sidewalks, lighting, street trees, ADA curb cuts, and other improvements along Memorial Highway, Burling Lane, and Glover Johnson Place.

Although beautification will be one benefit, the primary goal of this project is to establish a better, safer, more accessible pedestrian connection between the train station and one of New Rochelle’s biggest employers.  That’s just good planning.

In my opinion, additional significant changes will still be needed on Memorial Highway (and several other local roads) to make our city more walkable, and I hope we can begin taking steps in this direction during the coming year.

Obama Gets It Right on Guns

A very strong and moving statement from President Obama today concerning gun violence.  Watch.

The President deserves great credit for the gun safety initiatives announced this week, but the steps are modest, and in the face of continuing opposition/cowardice from the GOP in Congress, only so much can be accomplished through executive action alone.

The effectiveness of the gun lobby is an object lesson in how a well-funded, highly-motivated interest group can run roughshod over the interests and views of the overwhelming majority of Americans.