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New Rochelle is READI

R.E.A.D.I. stands for Respect, Enthusiasm, Articulate, Dependable, and Initiative — qualities that every employer seeks when making hiring decisions and that are vital to every youngster planning a career. It’s also the name of a program that New Rochelle is proud to support, alongside the Westchester-Putnam Workforce Development Board, My Brother’s Keeper, the Westchester Children’s … Continue reading New Rochelle is READI

Advocating for Small Cities

A single small city rarely has the political weight to influence national policy, but when small cities and towns join together around a common agenda, we have a fighting chance to make a difference.  That’s why I was pleased to join the First & Main coalition, which includes more than 100 mayors across the country.  … Continue reading Advocating for Small Cities

Take This Cool Survey

Please take this quick survey. Here’s the background.  Back in February, New Rochelle was designated a “Champion City” by Bloomberg Philanthropies.  Bloomberg loved our exciting proposal to use virtual and augmented reality to enhance urban planning and empower residents to take a more active role in shaping our future.  This was a huge accomplishment — … Continue reading Take This Cool Survey

New Ro Receives Big Grant for Pedestrian Improvements

New Rochelle’s ongoing efforts to improve safety and walkability received a big shot in the arm this week with the announcement of a $2.5m State grant to upgrade pedestrian features at a few dozen intersections.  You can see a full list of locations, as well as additional background, in this press release. Thank you and … Continue reading New Ro Receives Big Grant for Pedestrian Improvements

QIMBY – Quality In My Backyard

This excellent interview about city planning caught my eye over the weekend.  The upshot:  development in urban areas delivers a host of important economic, environmental, and public health benefits, but needs to be designed thoughtfully in order to earn public support. I am proud that New Rochelle’s ambitious downtown plan — with its emphasis on … Continue reading QIMBY – Quality In My Backyard

New Rochelle Bike Share is Here

New Rochelle’s Bike Share, the first in Westchester County, officially launched today.  100 bikes, 11 stations throughout the city.  Learn more in this press release or join our bike share program at We actually had a soft launch back in March, just to test everything out, and already more than 400 people have signed … Continue reading New Rochelle Bike Share is Here

“The Standard” Breaks Ground

Another downtown ground-breaking this morning, with construction commencing on “The Standard,” a 14 story building on Lecount Place, combining historic preservation, public art, and millennial housing.  There are more details about the project in this press release.  This is one more positive and exciting step toward achieving our community’s vision of a walkable, vibrant, and … Continue reading “The Standard” Breaks Ground

IDEALab Welcomes Creative Technologists to New Rochelle

As part of the exciting IDEA New Rochelle initiative, our city will host several experts in immersive and creative technology for three to six month fellowships. New Rochelle aims to be at the forefront of art, technology, and information services.  Coupled with our recent designation by Bloomberg Philanthropies as a “Champion City” and with IDEA … Continue reading IDEALab Welcomes Creative Technologists to New Rochelle