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Something More to Say

We held our annual Bastille Day flag-raising ceremony this morning at City Hall, sponsored by the New Rochelle/La Rochelle Sister City Committee.  In prior years, my comments at this event have been brief and light-hearted — in fact, I’ve never before bothered to write anything out, opting instead to speak off the cuff.  Today, I … Continue reading Something More to Say

Crisis of Legitimacy

The news out of the Supreme Court is almost too dark and depressing to contemplate.  When Justice Kennedy’s replacement is seated, a newly entrenched right-wing majority will almost certainly roll-back reproductive freedoms, place at-risk hard-won civil rights and LGBTQ gains, and accelerate trends toward income inequality and the concentration of power among the privileged.  The … Continue reading Crisis of Legitimacy

New Rochelle is READI

R.E.A.D.I. stands for Respect, Enthusiasm, Articulate, Dependable, and Initiative — qualities that every employer seeks when making hiring decisions and that are vital to every youngster planning a career. It’s also the name of a program that New Rochelle is proud to support, alongside the Westchester-Putnam Workforce Development Board, My Brother’s Keeper, the Westchester Children’s … Continue reading New Rochelle is READI

Advocating for Small Cities

A single small city rarely has the political weight to influence national policy, but when small cities and towns join together around a common agenda, we have a fighting chance to make a difference.  That’s why I was pleased to join the First & Main coalition, which includes more than 100 mayors across the country.  … Continue reading Advocating for Small Cities