The Only Mart on Main

The Bubble Tea & Juice Bar

Last week, I bought some fun snacks for the office: herbed popcorn with kale & pomegranate seasonings, dried goji berries, a package of udon noodles, a jar of spicy kimchi.

So where did I pick up all my goodies?  Whole Foods?  Maybe some speciality market in Manhattan?  Nope.

The Only Mart at 518 Main Street, a brand new organic food market right here in New Rochelle.  In addition to a full range of organic produce and household items, The Only Mart also features a bubble tea & juice bar, which should satisfy quite a few cravings.

The Only Mart Grand Opening

The Only Mart‘s owner, June Lu, says she was “attracted by New Rochelle’s rich history, enthusiastic environment, and artistic atmosphere.”  In turn, her business and others like it contribute to the range and vitality of our growing downtown.

So if you are partial to organic foods, or if – like me – you have a hankering for interesting snacks, or if you simply want to support a great store that is taking a chance on New Rochelle’s future, please check it out.


Donald J. Trump, Republican Nominee for President of the United States

Trump ConventionThe roll call of states at the convention in Cleveland sounded pretty much the same as always: the usual goofy and good-natured trumpeting of regional pride in favored politicians, notable landmarks, and record-setting agricultural yields.  But, of course, it was not the same as always.  Not at all.

Donald J. Trump is now officially the Republican nominee for President of the United States.  Let that statement sink in for a moment.

As a Democrat and fervent Hillary supporter, I suppose I should be experiencing some sort of partisan pleasure that the other side has put forward such a weak standard-bearer.  Instead, I find myself feeling terribly sad.  This is a shameful moment for America and will remain a stain on our history for as long as the Republic endures.



George Schiavone has been cutting my hair since I was a little boy.  Now I take my own kids to George at his barbershop in the Quaker Ridge Shopping Center.  (Here are the before and after shots from our most recent visit.)

George with My Kids - Before

George with My Kids – Before

George with My Kids - After

George with My Kids – After

This seems to be a pretty common pattern.  At George’s earlier this month, I ran into no fewer than three old classmates from Roosevelt and Albert Leonard, all of whom were there with children in tow.  Even the ones who no longer live in New Rochelle still come back for their haircuts.

Aside from family, there aren’t many relationships that endure like that through different stages of life.  There’s something special about your barber.

George is now 78 years old, and even though he looks about 20 years younger, he certainly deserves to enjoy himself, spend more time with his grandchildren, and take a break from decades of work.  So in April, George is retiring.  The end of an era!

It is not my place to speak for all the hundreds and hundreds of people who’ve gotten their locks trimmed by George’s careful hand, but I do want to say a big thank you to a man who’s been a beloved fixture in our community for such a long time.

I might have to let my hair grow out now.


A Local (and Global) Hero

Clare Effiong, a local (and global) hero.

Clare Effiong, a local (and global) hero.

Clare Effiong is a truly remarkable woman, who has devoted more than a decade to helping vulnerable and orphaned children in Rwanda through a group she founded called Esther’s Aid.  Read this article about a young man named Justus – it’s just one inspiring example of Clare’s transformative work.  I couldn’t be more proud that Clare has chosen New Rochelle to be her home.