Watch the Debate

Here’s a link to last night’s candidate forum sponsored by the League of Women Voters (the Mayoral segment begins at 44:36):

My family thought I did really well, but they’re biased, so you be the judge.

And if you agree that our debate was a useful discussion of experience, vision, and values heading into the mayoral election on November 5th, then please share this post with your friends and neighbors.


Noam Bramson: Candidate Profile on Patch

If you want to learn about the important issues at stake in the election for mayor, this candidate profile on Patch is a good place to start.  I am glad that Patch is providing this forum for candidates to describe accomplishments, priorities, and values.  Let’s keep New Rochelle moving in the right direction, with capable leadership that works for all of us.


Join the Campaign – Part 5: Spread the Word

This is the last in a five-part series of suggestions for getting involved in the local campaign. We’ve already covered early voting, yard signs, donations, and canvassing. Now, let’s talk about the most important of all: spreading the word among friends.

Suggestion 5: Spread the Word

Professionally-produced mail and digital ads are important to a successful campaign, but the truth is that a personal note from a friend is often more persuasive — and more likely to avoid immediate placement in the recycling bin — than a dozen slick brochures.

So, between now and November 5th, please make a point of reaching out to your friends and neighbors via social media, emails, postcards, or whatever form of communication makes you most comfortable.

Putting things in your own words is usually best, but in case it’s helpful, you can find detailed guidance, along with possible talking points, here:

Let your friends know that New Rochelle is moving in the right direction, that we need to keep responsible, progressive leadership working on our behalf, and that this election is important to our future.

So that’s it for our five-part series. Whether you vote early, post a yard sign, make a donation, canvass a neighborhood, or spread the word, I am truly grateful for your help and trust.


Join the Campaign – Part 4: Canvass a Neighborhood

This is the fourth in a five-part series of suggestions for getting involved in the local campaign. We’ve already covered early voting, yard signs, and donations. Today, let’s talk about neighborhood canvassing.

Suggestion 4: Canvass a Neighborhood

It might seem old-fashioned, but sharing information person-to-person, door-to-door is still one of the most effective ways to persuade and mobilize voters. Plus, it can be fun!

Between now and the election, dozens of volunteers will be out and about, working on my behalf and on behalf of my running mates. If you would like to join this effort and help canvass a New Rochelle neighborhood — and maybe make some new friends in the process — please be in touch with Rhiannon Navin at or 917-886-2724.

The fifth and final suggestion tomorrow.


Join the Campaign – Part 3: Make a Donation

This is the third in a five-part series of suggestions for getting involved in the local campaign. We’ve already covered early voting and yard signs. So, it’s on to . . .

Suggestion 3: Make a Donation

Campaigns are expensive, even at the local level. Direct mail, digital ads, signs — the price tag for reaching voters with a clear message can run well into the tens of thousands.

So if you haven’t already made a contribution to my campaign this year, please consider donating either online at or by making a check payable to “Bramson for Mayor” and mailing it to PO Box 259, New Rochelle, NY 10804.

Thank you!  And another suggestion coming tomorrow.


Join the Campaign – Part 2: Post a Yard Sign

Yesterday, I shared the first of five suggestions for getting more involved in our local political campaign. Here’s the second . . .

Suggestion 2: Post a Yard Sign

Yard signs are a great way to demonstrate grassroots support and to remind people that an election is coming up.  And nothing is easier: just give us the word, and our campaign will do the rest.

If you don’t already have a yard sign and are willing to display one, then please send a short email to Tell us “I want a sign” (or something like that) and be sure to include your street address. We’ll take it from there.

Thanks, and more to come tomorrow.