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Every election is important, and there are plenty of good, normal reasons for voting tomorrow: the experiences and skills of the candidates, the competing priorities of the parties, the policy alternatives that will impact lives throughout our state, nation, and world. But this year, of course, there’s more.  Much more.  These are not normal times, … Continue reading Vote!

Thank You, New Registrants!

I had a great time yesterday visiting with students and educators throughout New Rochelle, as together we observed National Voter Registration Day.  Inspiring to see young people committed to making a difference.  Thank you to everyone who pitched in, especially the volunteers with the League of Women Voters.  Here are a few photos from my … Continue reading Thank You, New Registrants!

New Ro Observes National Voter Registration Day

The inspiring moral leadership of students from Parkland, Florida illustrates the capacity of young people to shape our nation for the better.  And when it comes to impacting public affairs, nothing is more fundamental than registering to vote and casting a ballot.  #MayorsForOurLives Today, September 25th, is National Voter Registration Day, so mayors across the … Continue reading New Ro Observes National Voter Registration Day

Something More to Say

We held our annual Bastille Day flag-raising ceremony this morning at City Hall, sponsored by the New Rochelle/La Rochelle Sister City Committee.  In prior years, my comments at this event have been brief and light-hearted — in fact, I’ve never before bothered to write anything out, opting instead to speak off the cuff.  Today, I … Continue reading Something More to Say

Crisis of Legitimacy

The news out of the Supreme Court is almost too dark and depressing to contemplate.  When Justice Kennedy’s replacement is seated, a newly entrenched right-wing majority will almost certainly roll-back reproductive freedoms, place at-risk hard-won civil rights and LGBTQ gains, and accelerate trends toward income inequality and the concentration of power among the privileged.  The … Continue reading Crisis of Legitimacy

Ochs for Board of Ed, Yes for Schools – Vote May 15th

On Tuesday, May 15th, the people of New Rochelle will make an important decision about the future of our children and community.  I urge you to vote Yes on the School Budget and to support Julia Muggia Ochs for the Board of Education. Yes for Schools There are at least three ways to look at … Continue reading Ochs for Board of Ed, Yes for Schools – Vote May 15th