Politics and Representation in NY-3

I joined Andrew Whitman @3onNy3 for an-depth look at the newly-redrawn 3rd congressional district of New York, which includes southern New Rochelle and the Westchester Sound shore.  An interesting discussion about politics and representation.  You can watch here.


Congratulations to George, Tim, and Damon

Congratulations to George Latimer, Tim Idoni, and Damon Maher on their victories in yesterday’s Westchester County election.  And congratulations also to all the candidates around our region who prevailed in their contests, including Terry Clements and Catherine Parker, who represent portions of New Rochelle and ran unopposed.  I am grateful for the opportunity to continue working with these outstanding public servants.  Full results here.

Halloween Canvass for County Dems

Signs of the season on my front lawn.

Election Day is just around the corner, and I am proud to support George Latimer, Tim Idoni, and Damon Maher in their reelection campaigns (along with Terry Clements and Catherine Parker, who are unopposed.)  If you’d like to get involved, here’s a great way to help: sign up to canvass for the Democratic ticket on Halloween.  We’ll be out on the early side, from 11am to 2pm, so that we don’t get in the way of trick-or-treaters.  Costumes optional.  More in this flyer or visit https://bit.ly/2021-canvass-party to join.

Tim Idoni for County Clerk

I am very proud to support Tim Idoni in the Democratic primary for Westchester County Clerk.  Tim is an outstanding public servant, who has been widely and rightly credited with modernizing the Clerk’s office, saving tax dollars, and delivering exceptional service to the people of our county.  You can learn more on Tim’s website.

My support for Tim is based on more than just his performance as Clerk, however.  I have known Tim for more than twenty-five years and worked closely with him when he served as my immediate predecessor as Mayor of New Rochelle.  I have seen firsthand Tim’s passion for good government, exceptional managerial skill, and deep commitment to progressive, inclusive values.

If you are a Democrat, please join me in voting for Tim Idoni on June 22nd. Or vote early.

Fundraiser for Tim Idoni

I am proud serve on the host committee for a virtual fundraiser this Thursday in support of Tim Idoni’s reelection.  Tim is an outstanding County Clerk and was a fantastic Mayor of New Rochelle.  Please join me in supporting Tim by contributing to his campaign.

Walter Mondale, Rest in Peace

Of all the Presidential also-rans in my lifetime, I think Walter Mondale would have been the best President.  Mondale has been unfairly tagged as a “loser,” because he had the misfortune of competing with Ronald Reagan at the peak of his popularity, an election in which any Democratic nominee would have been trounced.  But, in fact, Mondale was among the most gifted politicians of his generation and a profoundly good man — widely respected among peers for his wisdom, competence, humor, and decency.  Here’s the Times’ obituary, and, if you’re a political junkie with 90 minutes to spare, watch the first President debate from 1984; based on his debate performance, you’d expect Mondale to win 49 states.