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Competing for Younger Residents

This article in the Times highlights both a challenge and an opportunity for our region.  Like other suburban counties, Westchester has been losing population in the 25-44 age range.  That’s a problem for all of us, because younger professionals are vital to attracting jobs, supporting our housing market, and encouraging cultural vitality. The good news … Continue reading Competing for Younger Residents

State of the City 2014

I just finished delivering my annual State of the City address to a packed house.  Here is copy of my prepared remarks.  Or you can view this webcast. Every year, I try to make the most of this occasion by celebrating  accomplishments, confronting challenges, and establishing goals.  It’s a good way to set a course … Continue reading State of the City 2014

Concierge Desk Planned for Train Station

As the busiest stop along Westchester’s portion of the New Haven line, the New Rochelle train station welcomes thousands of riders every day, serves as a vital gateway to our community, and sits at the heart of our economic development strategy.  The station house itself is a charming old structure, and the garage next door … Continue reading Concierge Desk Planned for Train Station

City Looks to Improve Parking Management

We’re working to make the Main Street area more friendly for pedestrians and cyclists (and less car-dependent.)  But safe, convenient and attractive parking is still very important to the health of any business district.  That’s why New Rochelle has installed user-friendly meters, landscaped lots, and taken other actions to upgrade our parking facilities. As a … Continue reading City Looks to Improve Parking Management

City Wins Planning Grants from NYS

When he took office three years ago, Governor Cuomo completely overhauled the State’s grant-making and development assistance process.  Today, municipalities and other entities submit funding requests to regional councils that distribute funding through a competitive, merit-based system.  New Rochelle just received word of two grant awards in the most recent round.  Here’s the text of … Continue reading City Wins Planning Grants from NYS

Downtown Vision Takes Shape

Fresh on the heels of the transit-oriented development plan presented to the City Council last month, this week we received a comprehensive traffic analysis (download warning – it’s a big file) chock full of interesting recommendations.  Together, these two reports help refine our vision for downtown New Rochelle, a vision based on smart growth, better … Continue reading Downtown Vision Takes Shape

Medical Office Expansion Presents Opportunities

This morning, I received a tour of the new White Plains Hospital Imaging Center within the Wykagyl Shopping Center.  The Imaging Center is part of a larger suite of medical offices that White Plains Hospital opened here in New Rochelle last year.  It is good to have convenient, high-quality health care options in town, and … Continue reading Medical Office Expansion Presents Opportunities