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Expanding Mobility Options (Gradually)

Here’s an excellent article from Strong Towns, describing strategies for reducing car dependency. The issues raised in the piece are highly relevant to New Rochelle’s planning objectives, touching on everything from parking minimums in our zoning code, to “complete streets” projects on major roads, to innovative open space initiatives like the Linc. The author’s key … Continue reading Expanding Mobility Options (Gradually)

“The Huguenot” Breaks Ground

Another ground-breaking yesterday morning, as New Rochelle’s downtown revitalization plans roll forward. “The Huguenot” will feature sixty luxury apartments, seven of them affordable, and ground-floor retail in a six-story structure, close to the western intersection of Huguenot and Main Streets. The project also includes some especially interesting elements, such as a community art gallery, a … Continue reading “The Huguenot” Breaks Ground

Farmers Markets Open for Season

Fresh local produce, yummy prepared foods, savory pickles, delicious cheeses, crusty bread, and lots of other tasty treats. That’s right — New Rochelle’s two farmers markets are opening again for the season. The Saturday downtown market kicks off on June 1st on Library Green. And the Friday uptown market begins on June 7th — at … Continue reading Farmers Markets Open for Season

Supporting Small Businesses

Read this article to learn about New Rochelle’s latest initiative to support small businesses. Through a partnership with The Acceleration Project, the City is helping local entrepreneurs to overcome challenges and grab hold of opportunities for growth. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy; their success enables all of New Rochelle to prosper.

City’s Spring Newsletter

In case you missed the hard copy in your mailbox, here’s New Rochelle’s Spring newsletter, filled with updates on local initiatives, helpful tips, and information about municipal services. Thank you to the City’s Marketing & Communications team for putting the newsletter together.