RXR Contributes $1 Million to Coronavirus Relief

To meet the unprecedented challenge of a global pandemic, it is essential for our entire community to come together, including the investors and builders who have a direct stake in New Rochelle’s future.  So I am very pleased that RXR, New Rochelle’s master downtown developer, has announced a $1 million contribution to help our community address the urgent needs associated with the coronavirus.  It’s an outstanding example of corporate citizenship, and establishes a framework through which other partners can make their own contributions.  More details to come in the days ahead.  In the meantime, there’s additional information in this press release.


You Can Still Support Local Restaurants

Restaurants throughout New York State are closed for dine-in service — an important public health measure to limit the spread of COVID-19.  But, even while practicing social distancing, we can still support our local restaurant community by ordering takeout and delivery, or by buying gift cards for future use.  Here’s more information.


New Rochelle Farms Opens Next Week

Almost ready to open. (I snuck in to get this photo.)

The long wait is just about over.  A new supermarket — New Rochelle Farms — will open next week at the corner of Manor Place and North Avenue, ready to serve the surrounding area, including the Historic District, the Lincoln Avenue corridor, and our burgeoning downtown.  Convenient access to fresh foods is important to every neighborhood, and this addition to New Rochelle takes on added significance with the departure of Stop and Shop from New Roc City.  Read more in this press release.


Lots of Positive Buzz for Downtown Murals

Our new downtown murals are receiving lots of positive attention, both within and beyond New Rochelle.  Here’s an admiring piece from Brooklyn Street Art, complete with photographs of all the murals.  Creative energy is a key part of any successful downtown, and I am delighted that New Rochelle is attracting world-class talent.  #NRNYMurals


Groundbreaking for 14 Lecount

At the 14 Lecount construction site

Yet another major downtown development milestone today with the groundbreaking for 14 Lecount.  This two-phase project will be among the most significant in our city’s history, containing housing, ground-floor businesses, and parking, as well as a re-designed Anderson Street that will serve as a vibrant new public space.  Fully a quarter of the apartments will be affordable at a spectrum of price points.  Here’s more information about the project, along with a rendering of its design.

The ground-breaking ceremony was held at the construction site between Main, North, Lecount, and Anderson.  Most of the block has been cleared and excavated, bringing us down below street level and providing a view perspective on the surrounding downtown that I have never before experienced and that I tried (with only limited success) to capture in the photo attached to this post.



MTA Highlights Penn Access

The MTA has launched a new website devoted to information and updates about Penn Access.  Visit the site at https://pennstationaccess.info.

When completed in a few years, the Penn Access project will link Metro-North’s New Haven line directly to Penn Station through four new stops in the Bronx. Because the rail line splits in New Rochelle, our community will have the closest station to Manhattan with direct service to both the east and west sides — a huge asset.

The MTA’s website focuses primarily on benefits for Bronx residents, which is understandable given that the bulk of new capital investments will occur in that borough, but the advantages for commuters in Westchester and Connecticut — and especially New Rochelle — will be enormous.