Mystery Photo

Question:  What is this object?  If you can identify it successfully, then you deserve some sort of special prize.  I had no clue.  The answer follows below.


Answer:  It’s part of the pool on the roof deck at 14 Lecount, being lowered into place at the construction site.  The photo below makes things a little clearer.  A neat image!


Please Take This Survey

Please take this survey.  We are asking New Rochelle residents to give us their personal impressions of the City’s planning and development process.  Your answers will help establish a baseline that we can use to track progress, as we roll out an innovative virtual reality app in partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies.  This press release has all the details.

New Rochelle is committed to innovative, inclusive community planning.  Through this initiative, we can expand participation in the development process, while also making engagement more constructive and fun.


New Rochelle Fosters Innovation and Creativity

Touring the space above the train station

New Rochelle is partnering with business accelerator Accel7 and with the arts not-for-profit VAEA to open two new cohort spaces for aspiring artists and entrepreneurs, one on the second floor of our historic Train Station building and the other at New Roc City.

This exciting initiative illustrates New Rochelle’s strong commitment to innovation and creativity, as well as our determination to emerge from the COVID crisis with a dynamic, growing economy.

Learn much more about the program and about how to apply for residency in this press release.