“Rebound New Rochelle” Launches

Small businesses and micro-enterprises are invited to apply for a “Rebound New Rochelle” grant through the City’s new online portal, with funds available for rent, staffing, working capital or other critical needs. Additionally, business guidance to help manage those funds efficiently will be available through the RXR Realty Volunteer Portal and through The Acceleration Project (TAP).

Rebound New Rochelle will also provide tenant based rental assistance for families who have been hit hard by the COVID-19 outbreak. Eligible applicants should have household incomes, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, of less than 50 percent of the Area Median Income, have been laid off or furloughed from their job, and be unable to pay their rent as a result of the ongoing public health crisis.

Learn more on the Rebound webpage.

By providing meaningful assistance to businesses and individuals, we can accelerate our local recovery and position our entire city for success in a post-COVID environment.  The Rebound program reflects New Rochelle’s strong commitment to inclusive, equitable prosperity from which all of us can benefit.


Which Would You Choose?

Love this piece in today’s New York Times which takes a very positive look at housing options in downtown New Rochelle, where there is “more space at the right price.”

Attracting people to live downtown — at a range of price points, including affordable housing — is a critical part of our ambitious development plan.  Customers for stores, patrons for restaurants, workers for businesses, bringing life and energy, day and night.  Glad to see New Rochelle’s appeal recognized in the paper of record.  Read it here.


Outdoor Dining on Division Street

A great look for Division Street today — closed to traffic, but filled with outdoor diners, as part of the New Ro Eats initiative.  Terrific job by the BID, Chamber, and participating restaurants, together with the City’s Business Ambassador, who put it all together.


New Ro Eats

As New Rochelle’s recovery continues, we are working with local restaurants to expand outdoor dining options and re-imagine public spaces for everyone’s enjoyment (and safety.)  Here’s one great example: starting this Sunday, the City is partnering with the Chamber of Commerce and the BID to launch a two-week experiment on Division Street, closing the road to traffic and allowing multiple restaurants to establish socially-distanced seating.  Al fresco dining will be available from 1:00pm to 9:00pm on Sunday, and then from noon to 9:00pm through July 5th.  While the test is running, we can evaluate public use of the space, gauge impacts on traffic and business, and learn lessons that might apply to other restaurant rows.  This press release has more information.


Improving Construction Safety

This afternoon, the City Council is poised to approve new regulations that require all significant building projects to have a “site safety superintendent” to ensure compliance with construction safety standards.  Here’s the full legislation, with lots more detail.  As New Rochelle’s ambitious development efforts proceed, we want to be sure that workers in our city are protected.


New Rochelle Prepares to “Rebound”

The City of New Rochelle is partnering with the Chamber of Commerce, the Business Improvement District, and others in the private sector to launch Rebound New Rochelle, an initiative to help position local businesses for success in the post-COVID economy.  This presentation deck has more information.

In a nutshell, we will utilize federal funding made available through the CARES Act, as well as additional private contributions, to provide grants to qualified small businesses and micro-enterprises in New Rochelle.  The program will also include special outreach to Latinx-owned businesses to ensure that support is available on an equitable basis.

A healthy small business sector will be vital to the recovery of commerce in New Rochelle, so we all have a stake in helping local entrepreneurs overcome the unique challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Rebound initiative also includes parallel programming to prevent homelessness and to help lower-income residents afford rent payments — an important priority, especially with the State’s eviction suspension scheduled to be lifted in August.

The City Council approved funding for Rebound New Rochelle on Tuesday.  Program details and applications procedures will be finalized in the days ahead.