Youth Voices Can Help Shape the LINC

As New Rochelle plans the Linc — a new linear park that would transform much of the Memorial Highway corridor — we are eager for robust public input to ensure that the park’s elements reflect the goals of the surrounding neighborhood and city.  Given the importance of vibrant parks to young people and families, youth voices are an especially important part of this discussion.  In this spirit, New Rochelleans ages 11 to 19 are invited to a LINC Youth Open House on July 23rd from 2:00pm to 4:00pm.

Participants can register to join at this link.  And here’s a flyer in Spanish.

Valet Parking Now Available in Library South Lot

New Rochelle has launched a valet parking system at the Library South Lot, from Thursday through Sunday, noon to midnight.  The service is easy to use: just pull up to to the valet podium off Memorial Highway and then the valet will provide a virtual ticket, secure your keys, and safely park your vehicle. To retrieve your car, simply send a text with your arrival time or return to the valet podium. There is no additional charge beyond the standard parking rates.  New Rochelle will continue exploring creative strategies to right-size our supply of parking and to improve the experience of visiting and patronizing our downtown.

Take the LINC Survey

What if you had the opportunity to reimagine Memorial Highway as a safe, community-friendly greenway connecting the Lincoln Avenue neighborhood with New Rochelle’s downtown, making it a place where all of us can walk, bike, and play?  That’s the idea behind “The LINC,” and we need your input to make it happen. Through the City’s virtual reality initiative (NRVR), your feedback will help shape, inform, and guide the development of The LINC. Please take a quick moment to participate in the Phase 1 Survey to provide meaningful feedback to the City and project design consultants as they prepare conceptual drawings for the next phase of the project.

What’s With All the Road Work?

No doubt about it, getting around New Rochelle has been a challenge lately, with extensive road work impeding traffic at multiple locations.  The construction is necessary to replace aging infrastructure and will ultimately contribute to a healthier environment, stronger economy, and better quality of life, but, for now, many of us are facing daily headaches.  This bulletin contains more information and context, and future updates will be provided here.  Much this work is under utility company jurisdiction and outside of the City’s direct control.  Even so, we will continue doing our best to coordinate activities in order to minimize disruption.

New Affordable Housing Opportunities

Affordable housing is a vital part of New Rochelle’s vision for a growing, thriving, diverse downtown in which all people are welcomed and given a chance to succeed. So it’s exciting that 95 affordable apartments, at a range of price points, will soon be available at 14 Lecount Place, one of the major new projects rising across the heart of our city.  Visit to learn how to apply or read this press release for more information.  Applications are due on August 2.

I congratulate the development team and look forward to the future residents of 14 LeCount adding their talents and energy to the social, cultural, and economic fabric of New Rochelle.