Explore Downtown New Ro with COVID-Safe Fun for Families

Outside Liebman’s, part of the StoryWalk

This will be a challenging winter for all of us, so it’s even more important than usual to have fun, COVID-safe outdoor activities that allow families to stay healthy, fit, and connected to our community.  The New Rochelle Business Improvement District is stepping up by offering two special walks: the New Rochelle Downtown StoryWalk and the New Rochelle Downtown Holiday Puzzle Tour Game.

Twenty-four businesses are dedicating sections of their windows for two and a half weeks.  Fourteen of those windows will be listed on maps for the StoryWalk, but ten will not be listed, as they are part of the puzzles for the Holiday Puzzle Tour Game.  Fun, especially for families.

All the details are in this press release.


Selfie with Santa

This should be fun.  Thank you to New Rochelle Parks & Rec for coming up with creative ways to celebrate the season, while staying COVID-safe.  And thank you to Santa!  (AKA James O’Toole — just don’t tell the kids.)


Huguenot Park Causeway Plan

Fresh on the heels of approving a vision for the future of Hudson Park, this week the City Council received recommendations for enhancing the causeway at Huguenot Park, which connects North Avenue to New Rochelle High School.  The plan aims to improve the accessibility, appearance, and ecological health of one of the most visible locations in our city.  Take a look.


Exciting Vision for Hudson Park

An exciting vision for the future of Hudson Park was presented to the City Council this week.  Incorporating extensive public input, the plan includes enhancements to the park itself, as well as to the adjacent Wildcliff property and greenhouse.  Take a look.

Some components of the plan can be funded through grants, private donations, or insurance payments for Wildcliff, while others would require significant new budget allocations.  The Council will have to evaluate options carefully, in light of competing priorities and the City’s overall fiscal condition, so this won’t happen overnight.  But having a clear vision, embraced by our community, is the essential first step, and I am grateful to the many people who contributed to these excellent recommendations.