Happy Thanksgiving

With the staff and volunteers at HOPE

Honored to join the dedicated staff and volunteers at HOPE Community Services this morning, as we provided hundreds of Thanksgiving meals to neighbors.  May we all take joy in the season and give thanks for family, friends, and community.


Lots of Positive Buzz for Downtown Murals

Our new downtown murals are receiving lots of positive attention, both within and beyond New Rochelle.  Here’s an admiring piece from Brooklyn Street Art, complete with photographs of all the murals.  Creative energy is a key part of any successful downtown, and I am delighted that New Rochelle is attracting world-class talent.  #NRNYMurals


Insightful Profile of Congress

A terrific piece about the dynamics and personalities of the U.S. Congress in this week’s New York Times magazine, as seen primarily through the eyes of new Representatives Abigail Spanberger and Ayanna Pressley.  Individual Congresspeople are often enormously impressive and admirable, genuinely striving to do good work, even as service within the institution as a whole seems like an increasingly miserable experience.  The article does a remarkable job of capturing these cross-currents.  Really a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the present moment in our politics.  (Full disclosure: the article’s author, Susan Dominus, is a good friend.  Not that I am biased or anything.)


Groundbreaking for 14 Lecount

At the 14 Lecount construction site

Yet another major downtown development milestone today with the groundbreaking for 14 Lecount.  This two-phase project will be among the most significant in our city’s history, containing housing, ground-floor businesses, and parking, as well as a re-designed Anderson Street that will serve as a vibrant new public space.  Fully a quarter of the apartments will be affordable at a spectrum of price points.  Here’s more information about the project, along with a rendering of its design.

The ground-breaking ceremony was held at the construction site between Main, North, Lecount, and Anderson.  Most of the block has been cleared and excavated, bringing us down below street level and providing a view perspective on the surrounding downtown that I have never before experienced and that I tried (with only limited success) to capture in the photo attached to this post.



Happy Thanksgiving to New Ro’s Seniors

City officials serve up lunch at the Hugh Doyle Senior Center

Very happy to join City Hall colleagues yesterday in serving a Thanksgiving-style lunch to hundreds of New Rochelle seniors at the Hugh Doyle Center.  Thank you to the great Doyle Center staff.  And extra style points for those sharp aprons!