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Endorsements For Tuesday’s Election

In case you are interested, my endorsements for Tuesday’s Westchester County and New Rochelle elections follow, along with a few extra comments about the campaign for Westchester County Clerk. Whatever your personal choices, please remember to vote on Tuesday, November 8th. Westchester County Executive Andy Spano Westchester County Clerk (More On This Below) Tim Idoni … Continue reading Endorsements For Tuesday’s Election

Contact Information In The Event Of A Black-Out

In recent months, several weather events have resulted in extensive black-outs in New Rochelle and the surrounding region. A number of constituents have asked whom they should contact in order to bring attention to outages and accelerate repairs. Unfortunately, the City’s authority over public utilities is almost nonexistent. Therefore, the best bet is to contact … Continue reading Contact Information In The Event Of A Black-Out

Lake Updates

Beechmont Lake Long-awaited improvements at Beechmont Lake are finally underway. City crews are now hard at work removing silted material from the forebay at the lake’s north end. The material is being deposited on a re-graded shoreline, where it soon will be covered with topsoil and seeded. Increasing the depth of the forebay to its … Continue reading Lake Updates