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Lake Updates

Paine Lake Last summer, Paine Lake became badly overgrown with lily pads. Lilies have a positive effect on water quality, but their near-total coverage of the lake surface certainly detracted from the lake’s pleasant appearance. In an effort to address this problem, the County Department of Planning recently commissioned a study to examine plant control … Continue reading Lake Updates

Gourmet Ice Pops Now Available On North Avenue

La Flor de Michoacan, the highly successful gourmet ice pop store on Union Avenue, has opened a second branch on North Avenue, about a block north of the Salvation Army, near Fifth Avenue. If you haven‚t already tried interesting flavors like Cactus Pear, Prune, Blackberry, and about sixty others, you are missing something special. Catie … Continue reading Gourmet Ice Pops Now Available On North Avenue

Westchester Chamber Orchestra To Perform At Library Green

Concert Set For 6:30pm On Thursday, June 30th As part of the ongoing musical series at Library Green in downtown New Rochelle, the Westchester Chamber Orchestra will offer a free outdoor performance of All American Composers on Thursday, June 30th at 6:30pm. The guest artists are Jay Unger and Molly Mason. Jay is best known … Continue reading Westchester Chamber Orchestra To Perform At Library Green

Promoting Affordable Housing

Escalating housing costs have placed home ownership increasingly out-of-reach for many middle class and working families. This problem is particularly acute in southern Westchester, where the very people who sustain communities as teachers, fire fighters, police officers, sanitation workers, and civil servants often cannot afford to live in the places where they work. To help … Continue reading Promoting Affordable Housing