Come Foraging on August 18th

Here’s a great opportunity to discover the edible goodies growing wild in local forests and often literally in our backyards. On August 18th at 11:45am, you can join a foraging expedition in New Rochelle’s Nature Study Woods to learn about — and taste — summer herbs like lamb’s quarters, asiatic dayflower, and garlic mustard, fruits like blackberries and elderberries, and a wide variety of mushrooms.

To sign up, call (914) 727-2552 at least 24 hours in advance. The suggested donation is $20 per adult and $10 per child. You can learn more about the organizer, “Wildman” Steve Brill, at

I’ve been on foraging tours myself with the kids, and they are a ton of fun, plus a great education.


Pickles and Olives . . . Mmmm

Cutting the ribbon at the Down to Earth Farmers Market at Thomas Paine Cottage

We cut the ribbon this morning for New Rochelle’s uptown Farmers Market at its new location by Thomas Paine Cottage. That Down to Earth bag in my hand is filled with three kinds of pickles, two kinds of olives, tomatoes, and snap peas. Mmmm.

Visit the uptown market every Friday from 9am to 2pm. And don’t miss the BID’s downtown market at Library Green every Saturday.


Expanding Mobility Options (Gradually)

Here’s an excellent article from Strong Towns, describing strategies for reducing car dependency. The issues raised in the piece are highly relevant to New Rochelle’s planning objectives, touching on everything from parking minimums in our zoning code, to “complete streets” projects on major roads, to innovative open space initiatives like the Linc.

The author’s key point is spot-on: this is not a binary choice between cars or no-cars, but rather an incremental evolution away from car dependency and toward a wider range of mobility options. Cities that anticipate these trends will thrive. Cities that don’t will get left behind. Worth a read.


Farmers Markets Open for Season

Fresh local produce, yummy prepared foods, savory pickles, delicious cheeses, crusty bread, and lots of other tasty treats. That’s right — New Rochelle’s two farmers markets are opening again for the season.

The Saturday downtown market kicks off on June 1st on Library Green. And the Friday uptown market begins on June 7th — at its new location at the Thomas Paine Cottage Museum.

Please support the markets, and enjoy!


Kayak New Rochelle

Kayaks in New Rochelle’s Echo Bay

New Rochelle is once again teaming up with L.L. Bean to offer kayak instruction and guided tours of Long Island Sound. Click here to learn more and to sign up. (Scroll down to see all the options.) And from Memorial Day through June, the courses are free!

I’ve done this myself with Jeremy, and it’s a ton of fun, plus it provides a whole new perspective on our community’s beautiful shoreline. Give it a try.


Arbor Day in New Ro

Planting a white oak at City Hall

Thank you to the teachers and students of the New Rochelle Children’s Center for Learning, who joined me this morning at City Hall to plant a white oak tree as part of our annual Arbor Day observance. (Okay – technically Arbor Day was last Friday, but bad weather pushed the event to today.)

Trees add beauty to our neighborhoods, even as they improve our environment and property values.  That’s why New Rochelle is committed to planting hundreds of new trees every year. We encourage property owners to sign up for their own free saplings. Visit the City website to learn more.