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Mulch Mower Demonstration on Wednesday

To check out the latest in mulch-mowing equipment, please attend a free demonstration on Wednesday, August 6th at 5:30pm at Huguenot Park, in front of New Rochelle High School.  This could be especially useful for landscapers, so if you hire professionals to maintain your lawn, pass along the invitation.  There is more information in this … Continue reading Mulch Mower Demonstration on Wednesday

Federal Reps & FEMA Come Through for New Rochelle

Good news for New Rochelle taxpayers and park-users.  With a critical assist from our federal representatives, FEMA has just come through with about $3.2 million in disaster relief funds related to Hurricane Sandy – $1.4 million for repairs to our municipal marina and $1.8 million for repairs to Hudson Park.  You can learn more in … Continue reading Federal Reps & FEMA Come Through for New Rochelle

Garden Tour this Sunday in New Rochelle

If you enjoy landscaping – or if you just appreciate natural beauty – don’t miss an opportunity to view one of the most remarkable private gardens in the region. Located at 37 Rolling Way in New Rochelle, the garden fills a ravine that once formed a portion of the old Boston-Westchester rail line.  Owners Louise … Continue reading Garden Tour this Sunday in New Rochelle

Promoting “Green” Jobs

More and more property owners are retrofitting homes and businesses for energy and resource efficiency.  At the same time, new buildings must meet higher efficiency standards.  This growing demand for “green” construction translates into new job opportunities, but only for workers who have the proper skills and credentials.  That’s why “green” job training should be … Continue reading Promoting “Green” Jobs

The Fourth Regional Plan

For decades, the Regional Plan Association (RPA) has played a vital role in shaping the growth of the New York metropolitan area, addressing the interrelated challenges of transportation, development, sustainability, infrastructure, and land use.  The professionals enlisted by RPA are among the most highly-respected in the world, and their efforts have a significant impact on … Continue reading The Fourth Regional Plan

To Mulch or Not to Mulch – Part II

Last night, the City Council approved a significant change in New Rochelle’s leaf collection policy.  Beginning this fall, loose piles of leaves at curbside will no longer be picked up.  Instead, homeowners (and professional landscapers) will have several options.  The contestants are . . . 1)  Bagging:  Placing leaves in biodegradable yard waste bags that … Continue reading To Mulch or Not to Mulch – Part II

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

As a kid, I lived just up the street from the Nature Study Woods, a large County-owned park with its main entrance on Webster Avenue in New Rochelle.  Lots of fond memories of exploring the trails, venturing along streams on a small inflatable boat, scrambling up rocks, and even inspecting the ruins of old retaining … Continue reading Take a Walk on the Wild Side

City Wins Planning Grants from NYS

When he took office three years ago, Governor Cuomo completely overhauled the State’s grant-making and development assistance process.  Today, municipalities and other entities submit funding requests to regional councils that distribute funding through a competitive, merit-based system.  New Rochelle just received word of two grant awards in the most recent round.  Here’s the text of … Continue reading City Wins Planning Grants from NYS