Build Back Better – New Ro

Through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), New Rochelle has been awarded nearly $37 million over two years to address the impacts of the COVID pandemic and “build back better.”  Last night, the City Administration presented a proposed plan of action for utilizing our ARPA allocation.  In addition to complying with the ARPA’s guidelines and restrictions, this plan is also designed to “(1) avoid duplication with Federal, State, and County programming; (2) achieve a whole-of-community, not just governmental, recovery; (3) prioritize one-time expenditures with sustained, long-term impact; and (4) reach for transformative opportunities that might be unattainable without the ARPA’s unique infusion of resources.”  Read the whole plan here, as well as backup documentation related to green infrastructure, social infrastructure, and economic infrastructure.  The City Council will consider this proposal in the context of our 2022 budget.

Tonight: Learn About Clean Energy Options

This evening at 7:00pm, New Rochelle will launch a campaign to encourage clean energy solutions for heating and cooling.  Supported by the Urban League of Westchester, Comrie Enterprises, and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), this campaign will provide practical information about the benefits of clean heating and cooling technologies, connect contractors to customers, and help residents make the switch to electrification.  You can view the virtual launch by registering at  More in this press release.

Car Free Day

I left the car at home and took a nice walk to City Hall this morning, doing my little part to support “Car Free Day.”  Of course, lots of people don’t have the luxury of living within walking distance of their place of employment, which is why investments in mass transit, bike infrastructure, and transportation options like scooters are so important to our community and world.

grow! Lincoln Park

A wonderful short video describing the community garden at Lincoln Park and its connection to the past, present, and future of the Lincoln Avenue neighborhood.  Linda Tarrant-Reid, the garden’s founder, is a dynamo, filled with positive energy, and an amazing asset for New Rochelle.


Bike Share Returns, Scooters Arrive — Fun New Micro Mobility Options for New Ro

New Scooters at Jack’s Friendship Garden

Smart, sustainable, and affordable transportation options are important to New Rochelle’s future, so I’m delighted that the City is partnering with VeoRide (Veo) to launch a new shared mobility system of e-scooters and bikes.

Veo is providing 200 e-scooters and 30 bikes at strategic locations around the City.  Riders can download the Veo app on their smartphone and scan the QR code on the equipment to unlock the bike or e-scooter.  The usage area is viewable on the app, and extends along North Avenue from New Rochelle High School to Pelham Road, including the downtown and Transit Center, as well as popular parks like Davenport, Hudson, Five Islands, Lincoln, Feeney, Stephenson, and Flowers.  The system comes at no cost to the City.  Bikes are $1 to unlock and five cents per minute.  Scooters are also $1 to unlock and 39 cents per minute.  The City will work closely with Veo to ensure a smooth roll out, with the possibility of expanding the system in the future.  This press release has more.

Take advantage of this new opportunity to explore our community, access services, enjoy our growing cultural scene, eat at one of our restaurants, shop at one of our many small businesses, or just have fun.