New Rochelle Getting Greener


New Rochelle is more focused on environmental priorities than ever before, guided by our award-winning Sustainability Plan, GreeNR.  This annual update from the City’s planning staff provides a good survey of recent progress, with facts and figures describing energy savings, cost reductions, and safety improvements, and well as details on important initiatives related to land use, infrastructure, and ecology.  Let’s keep working to make New Rochelle a greener community.

Sunset Over New Rochelle


A great photo of the New Rochelle skyline at sunset, viewed from Long Island Sound, courtesy of Steve Meisner, one of the organizers of our kayak program with LL Bean. We live in a beautiful city!

Free Trees Still Available

Our new cherry tree, planted earlier this year

New Rochelle’s Plant-A-Tree initiative is still going strong. Request your own free street tree by filling out this request form.

During the past few months, you might have noticed lots of saplings appearing around town, which were planted as part of our first wave of new neighborhood trees. They make our community more beautiful, prevent flooding, improve property values, and capture greenhouse gases. So please consider planting a tree by your home.

Free Downtown Shuttle Launches


Earlier today, New Rochelle was proud to launch the CircuitNR, offering free rides around our burgeoning downtown, using a fleet of three electric — and really neat-looking — shuttles.

Residents and visitors alike can request an on-demand ride anywhere in the shuttle coverage area. You can use the “Ride Circuit” App (from the App Store or Google Play) to alert a fleet driver to come pick you up. Or you can simply wave down the nearest CircuitNR driver if the vehicle has vacant seats. There’s more in this press release.

The CircuitNR augments our already robust transit and mobility options, and is a tremendous value add for our downtown. Good for business, good for the environment, fun, innovative, and supportive of New Rochelle’s ongoing growth and development.

Come Foraging on August 18th


Here’s a great opportunity to discover the edible goodies growing wild in local forests and often literally in our backyards. On August 18th at 11:45am, you can join a foraging expedition in New Rochelle’s Nature Study Woods to learn about — and taste — summer herbs like lamb’s quarters, asiatic dayflower, and garlic mustard, fruits like blackberries and elderberries, and a wide variety of mushrooms.

To sign up, call (914) 727-2552 at least 24 hours in advance. The suggested donation is $20 per adult and $10 per child. You can learn more about the organizer, “Wildman” Steve Brill, at

I’ve been on foraging tours myself with the kids, and they are a ton of fun, plus a great education.

Pickles and Olives . . . Mmmm

Cutting the ribbon at the Down to Earth Farmers Market at Thomas Paine Cottage

We cut the ribbon this morning for New Rochelle’s uptown Farmers Market at its new location by Thomas Paine Cottage. That Down to Earth bag in my hand is filled with three kinds of pickles, two kinds of olives, tomatoes, and snap peas. Mmmm.

Visit the uptown market every Friday from 9am to 2pm. And don’t miss the BID’s downtown market at Library Green every Saturday.