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Big Improvements Coming to Beechmont Lake

New Rochelle is planning major improvements next year at Beechmont Lake, including dredging, removal of lake sediments, repairs to the forebay and outlet structure, an additional fountain, removal of dead or diseased trees, and enhanced landscaping, as well as other possible amenities. You can learn much more about the project in this presentation, and you … Continue reading Big Improvements Coming to Beechmont Lake

New Rochelle vs. Climate Change

The latest dreadful report on climate change from the UN makes for deeply depressing reading, so this is an important moment to remind ourselves that positive, effective climate action is still possible, provided we have the will.  Here’s a good local example . . . A couple of years ago, New Rochelle joined about 20 … Continue reading New Rochelle vs. Climate Change

“Lives . . . mean nothing to us”

This is a monumental piece of journalism from the Times Magazine.  Detailing the early scientific and political struggles over climate change, it is a still-unfinished tale of collective failure, leading to now-nearly-certain-but-once-avoidable catastrophe. Read all the way through to the epilogue, which is especially (and appropriately) raw: “We also know that, without a gargantuan intervention, … Continue reading “Lives . . . mean nothing to us”

New Ro Farmers Markets Open for the Season

New Rochelle’s two farmers markets are set to open for the season.  The Down to Earth market opens tomorrow, June 1st and continues every Friday at its new location in front of City Hall.  And the downtown Grand Market on Library Green opens the next day, Saturday, June 2nd, continuing every Saturday through the fall. … Continue reading New Ro Farmers Markets Open for the Season

New Rochelle Bike Share is Here

New Rochelle’s Bike Share, the first in Westchester County, officially launched today.  100 bikes, 11 stations throughout the city.  Learn more in this press release or join our bike share program at We actually had a soft launch back in March, just to test everything out, and already more than 400 people have signed … Continue reading New Rochelle Bike Share is Here