State of the City 2023 – A Golden Hour

Last night, I had the privilege of delivering my final State of the City Address to a full house at New Rochelle City Hall.  Please read or view the speech to see why I believe this is New Rochelle’s “golden hour, in which all things seem possible.”  Special thanks to our communications team for putting together this wonderful video, with images connected to the speech’s words and themes.


Thank You, Artists

A reception for local artists in the mayor’s office, with several of the loaned pieces in the background.

I am so grateful to the New Rochelle Art Association for loaning about twenty outstanding works of art to the mayor’s office at City Hall.  We began this practice shortly after I took office — since then, the Art Association has swapped in new pieces every year or two.  For me, of course, it is a pleasure to be surrounded by wonderful artwork, but, even more importantly, I am able to showcase local talent for visitors from far and wide.

Black History Month in New Rochelle

An excellent story on WCBS shining a spotlight on the rich, complex, and still deeply relevant history of New Rochelle’s Black community, centered on an outstanding exhibit at the New Rochelle Public Library.  Part of our City’s broader observance of Black History Month.  It is impossible to understand New Rochelle today without recognizing both the achievements and the injustices that defined our past and continue to shape our present.  In Leslie Demus’ words: “we can talk about our differences when we each come from a place of pride . . . a place of respect for our heritage and the heritage of others.”

Celebrate New Ro Murals

A great video from the New Rochelle Council on the Arts, celebrating the creation of our spectacular murals from Street Art for Mankind.  Part of New Rochelle’s strong commitment to culture, creativity, and public art.

Had A Very Shiny Nose

Robert May’s daughter Martha joined by guest reindeer, and a very official-looking mayor in the back.

A great Rudolph-themed celebration this past weekend, as we inducted Robert May into the New Rochelle Walk of Fame, with the assistance of many guest reindeer.

Dia De Muertos

One of us knew how to dress for the occasion

Library Green was hopping today for New Rochelle’s celebration of Dia De Muertos.  Great performances, great crowd — not to mention some amazing costumes!