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Homelessness Prevention Efforts Show Early Success

Last Fall, the City Council contracted with HOPE Community Services to launch a homelessness prevention initiative.  Our goals were two-fold: (1) connect homeless residents to permanent housing opportunities and other essential support services, so that they are better able to lead stable, rewarding, and productive lives; and (2) improve our local business climate by reducing … Continue reading Homelessness Prevention Efforts Show Early Success

“Be Great” for New Ro’s Boys and Girls

The Boys & Girls Clubs of New Rochelle are an invaluable resource for hundreds of families in our community.  On March 14th, you can support the Boys & Girls Clubs – and also recognize several terrific honorees – at their “Be Great” event. Here’s more information about sponsorship opportunities and ticket sales, or visit the … Continue reading “Be Great” for New Ro’s Boys and Girls

Branding Exercise Reaches Milestone

Last year, New Rochelle launched a professional “branding” exercise, aimed at better defining and marketing our community’s strengths.  A good brand can help attract investment, support business, and generate enthusiasm among residents and visitors alike, so there’s a lot at stake. We’re just now wrapping up the first stage of this process, which involved surveys, … Continue reading Branding Exercise Reaches Milestone

Have a Cupcake! (Sort Of)

Volunteers play a vital role in almost every aspect of our community – touching countless lives, supporting hundreds of not-for-profits, and forging stronger bonds between neighbors.  Westchester just wouldn’t function without volunteers, and there is no group that does more to inspire, mobilize, and connect volunteers throughout our region than Volunteer New York!  Last year … Continue reading Have a Cupcake! (Sort Of)

Context Matters in New Rochelle Police Video

In the last 48 hours, a video has circulated that seems to show a New Rochelle Police Officer drawing his firearm and using profanity to order a group of teenagers to halt a snowball fight. The video has gone viral, prompting inquiries from just about every New York media outlet and, more importantly, generating real … Continue reading Context Matters in New Rochelle Police Video