New Rochelle Farms Opens Next Week

Almost ready to open. (I snuck in to get this photo.)

The long wait is just about over.  A new supermarket — New Rochelle Farms — will open next week at the corner of Manor Place and North Avenue, ready to serve the surrounding area, including the Historic District, the Lincoln Avenue corridor, and our burgeoning downtown.  Convenient access to fresh foods is important to every neighborhood, and this addition to New Rochelle takes on added significance with the departure of Stop and Shop from New Roc City.  Read more in this press release.


Honor MLK Through Service

Starting Saturday, January 18th, Volunteer New York! will host its 10th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend of Service.  The Volunteer New York! website lists local and regional service opportunities, including:

•  A donation hub at Iona College collecting supplies for those experiencing homelessness, such as baby wipes, bar and liquid soap, body wash, deodorant, shaving cream, tampons, toothbrushes, toothpaste, toilet paper, tissues, and diapers, underwear and socks (in all sizes for men and women). Bring them by Iona College, Spellman Hall from 10:00am to 3:00pm.

•  A NRPD/NRFD Blood Drive. On the MLK Day Holiday itself — Monday, January 20th — New Rochelle’s Fire and Police Departments are joining forces at Fire Station #1 on Harrison Street from 11:30am to 4:30pm to organize a community blood drive. Donors are encouraged to schedule appointments to donate blood at; be sure to enter sponsor keyword “NewRochelle.”  Walk-ins are also welcome.

These aren’t the only opportunities to volunteer. New Rochelle teams up with Volunteer New York! throughout the year.  Be sure to visit their website or subscribe to their newsletter for the latest information.


New Rochelle Urges Census Participation

A thorough and accurate Census count is critically important to ensuring that New Rochelle enjoys full representation at the county, state, and federal level, and to delivering vital financial resources for housing, transportation, and other essential priorities.  That’s why the City has established a “Complete Count Committee” to work with community partners and encourage maximum participation and inclusion.  Every New Rochelle resident deserves to be counted.

Learn more in this press release or on the City website.


City and County Team Up to Address Homelessness

City, County, and NRPD officials at today’s announcement

This afternoon, I joined regional and local colleagues to announce a partnership that embeds County mental health professionals with New Rochelle Police officers to address the difficult challenge of homelessness. Through this collaboration, City and County officials are better able to connect vulnerable individuals to support services in an effective, humane fashion — helping more people to overcome obstacles and enjoy stable, rewarding lives, even as we make New Rochelle as a whole more vibrant, attractive, and equitable.  This press release has more information.


Light the Night on December 18th

In celebration of the holidays, the City of New Rochelle is partnering with local community leaders along the Lincoln Avenue corridor to arrange an evening of lights, music, entertainment, and all-around fun.  Come “Light the Night” at Lincoln Park on Wednesday, December 18th from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.  Here’s more information.


Not So Divided, After All

It is often said that New Rochelle is divided politically between north and south, but maybe it’s time to update that conventional wisdom.  The Board of Elections has just compiled the final, official results of the 2019 mayoral election, and they show a remarkable degree of uniformity across our supposed north-south dividing line*.  Here are the percentages of votes I received on the . . .

North Side: 62.8%

South Side: 62.9%

To be sure, New Rochelleans have wide-ranging opinions about politics and everything else, but these competing views exist within neighborhoods, as much as between neighborhoods.  And although there are statistical differences between north and south when it comes to land use and demographic characteristics, it turns out that folks all over town have similar priorities, values, and concerns.

New Rochelle is one city, more united than we sometimes realize, going up or down together, and we do ourselves a disservice by wrongly imagining sharper divisions than actually exist.

*  Defined here as roughly Mayflower Avenue and Iona College