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Upbeat Financial Report for New Rochelle

The Great Recession took a serious toll on New Rochelle’s finances – just as it impacted communities all around America.  Lean budgets, tough choices, and good financial management helped get us through the worst of the economic downtown with core services intact, but the financial strain shaped almost every major decision. Now, as the national … Continue reading Upbeat Financial Report for New Rochelle

Fixing Our Roads

After a particularly brutal winter, during which our streets took a beating, many residents have questions about the City’s road paving policies.  Here’s how it works: The City’s engineering staff conducts a comprehensive examination of road conditions each year, considering factors such as breaks in the asphalt, quantity of potholes, traffic intensity, years elapsed since … Continue reading Fixing Our Roads

To Mulch or Not to Mulch – Part II

Last night, the City Council approved a significant change in New Rochelle’s leaf collection policy.  Beginning this fall, loose piles of leaves at curbside will no longer be picked up.  Instead, homeowners (and professional landscapers) will have several options.  The contestants are . . . 1)  Bagging:  Placing leaves in biodegradable yard waste bags that … Continue reading To Mulch or Not to Mulch – Part II

State of the City 2014

I just finished delivering my annual State of the City address to a packed house.  Here is copy of my prepared remarks.  Or you can view this webcast. Every year, I try to make the most of this occasion by celebrating  accomplishments, confronting challenges, and establishing goals.  It’s a good way to set a course … Continue reading State of the City 2014

Thumbs Up from Moody’s

Writing about our 2014 budget last month, I noted that New Rochelle’s fiscal health had improved.  Now we have some independent confirmation of our stronger financial position from the rating agency Moody’s.  Yesterday, citing New Rochelle’s responsible budgetary practices, Moody’s announced that it was removing a negative outlook that had been assigned three years ago.  … Continue reading Thumbs Up from Moody’s

City Wins Planning Grants from NYS

When he took office three years ago, Governor Cuomo completely overhauled the State’s grant-making and development assistance process.  Today, municipalities and other entities submit funding requests to regional councils that distribute funding through a competitive, merit-based system.  New Rochelle just received word of two grant awards in the most recent round.  Here’s the text of … Continue reading City Wins Planning Grants from NYS