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Street Light Conversion Will Save Energy and Money

The City of New Rochelle is replacing about 7,000 street lights with energy-efficient LED fixtures. The new lights cut electricity use by about half, for an annual energy savings of roughly 2.8 million kilowatt hours, along with related reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. The dollar savings are just as impressive.  Over the estimated 20-year lifespan … Continue reading Street Light Conversion Will Save Energy and Money

Investing in Economic Growth

With the lowest municipal tax rate among Westchester’s urban centers and a lean workforce, New Rochelle has done a good job of controlling costs and delivering efficient government to taxpayers.  But over the long-term, we can’t simply cut our way to budget stability, not without eroding our safety and quality of life.  So any sensible … Continue reading Investing in Economic Growth

Federal Reps & FEMA Come Through for New Rochelle

Good news for New Rochelle taxpayers and park-users.  With a critical assist from our federal representatives, FEMA has just come through with about $3.2 million in disaster relief funds related to Hurricane Sandy – $1.4 million for repairs to our municipal marina and $1.8 million for repairs to Hudson Park.  You can learn more in … Continue reading Federal Reps & FEMA Come Through for New Rochelle

Upbeat Financial Report for New Rochelle

The Great Recession took a serious toll on New Rochelle’s finances – just as it impacted communities all around America.  Lean budgets, tough choices, and good financial management helped get us through the worst of the economic downtown with core services intact, but the financial strain shaped almost every major decision. Now, as the national … Continue reading Upbeat Financial Report for New Rochelle

Fixing Our Roads

After a particularly brutal winter, during which our streets took a beating, many residents have questions about the City’s road paving policies.  Here’s how it works: The City’s engineering staff conducts a comprehensive examination of road conditions each year, considering factors such as breaks in the asphalt, quantity of potholes, traffic intensity, years elapsed since … Continue reading Fixing Our Roads