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Neighborhood Conversation Recap

Back in October, I hosted four “Neighborhood Conversations” around New Rochelle.  If you weren’t able to attend, here’s a link to my presentation.  (This footage is from the final meeting at New Rochelle High School.) At each of these conversations, I used an interactive application called “slido” to survey the audience and invite questions.  Some … Continue reading Neighborhood Conversation Recap

Council Adopts 2019 Budget

New Rochelle’s 2019 budget has been adopted by the City Council on a unanimous, bipartisan basis.  The budget continues a multi-year trend of expanded investment in infrastructure, along with a modest boost to public safety services, while also maintaining a robust fund balance to ensure ongoing fiscal stability.  The 2019 municipal property tax rate comes … Continue reading Council Adopts 2019 Budget

Fairness for Taxpayers

With Assemblywoman Amy Paulin taking the lead, a bipartisan group of state, county, municipal, and school officials have joined together to defend the tax deductibility of charitable contributions.  This is a matter of urgent importance to taxpayers in our region, in light of recent changes in federal tax law that sharply limit state and local … Continue reading Fairness for Taxpayers

City Finances in Solid Shape

New Rochelle’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, which was just released and presented to the City Council by our independent auditors, shows the City government to be in good fiscal health. At the same time, New Rochelle — like most cities — still confronts long-term fiscal pressures that will require responsible management and priority-setting.  Here’s a … Continue reading City Finances in Solid Shape

Ochs for Board of Ed, Yes for Schools – Vote May 15th

On Tuesday, May 15th, the people of New Rochelle will make an important decision about the future of our children and community.  I urge you to vote Yes on the School Budget and to support Julia Muggia Ochs for the Board of Education. Yes for Schools There are at least three ways to look at … Continue reading Ochs for Board of Ed, Yes for Schools – Vote May 15th

State of the City 2018

I just finished delivering my 2018 State of the City Address to an overflow audience at City Hall. My remarks confronted head-on the important and timely challenge of youth safety and enrichment, but also offered an expansive and very positive assessment of our community’s dramatic progress on economic, environmental, and social priorities.  Despite the pressing … Continue reading State of the City 2018

Property Tax Pre-Payment May Be Worth Thousands

The federal tax bill likely to be approved by Congress this month is an offensive mess for many reasons. Among its many objectionable provisions is a sharp cut in the deduction for state and local taxes, which will have an especially negative impact in suburban areas like Westchester. If the bill passes, it may be … Continue reading Property Tax Pre-Payment May Be Worth Thousands