It’s Now or Never

The Democratic nominee for President could be determined in the next few days. I strongly support @PeteButtigieg. He’s Democrats’ best bet to defeat Trump and end the toxicity of the Trump era. If you back Pete, too, please donate to his campaign today:  It’s now or never.


NRHS Sets the Standard for Arts in Education

Students at the Museum of Arts & Culture

A pair of features highlight the outstanding arts education at New Rochelle High School, exemplified by the Museum of Arts & Culture, the only school-based, Regents-chartered museum in all of New York State.  Read this interview with visiting artist Susan Luss, as well as this related blogpost.  I am proud that our public schools make cultural enrichment so accessible to students.


State of the City on March 5th

Please join me for the annual State of the City Address on Thursday, March 5th at New Rochelle City Hall.  The speech begins at 7:30pm, and is preceded by a reception starting at 6:00pm.  Everything is free and open to the public.  Seating is first-come, first-served.  Hope to see you there.


Ride the Virtual Train

What the heck is this?  I’m not entirely sure.  Sort of an augmented reality version of an Amtrak ride from New Rochelle to Penn Station, with real buildings and landscape blended with digital additions and place-holders.  Not sure what purpose this serves.  A video game, I guess?  But I’m finding it kinda mesmerizing.



Read Pete’s Interview

Please take a few moments to read Pete Buttigieg’s interview with the New York Times editorial board, because it is a great illustration of why I am so proud to support Pete for President.  There are very few public officials, even at the highest levels, capable of discussing issues with anything close to Pete’s fluidity, depth, and thoughtfulness, evident across the full spectrum of topics, from highly-specific policy matters to broad questions of philosophy.  (And all this shines through despite the Times’ weird fixation on McKinsey.)  Pete Buttigieg will be an uplifting, transformative President and is exactly the right antidote for the toxicity of the Trump years.