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Why Can’t My Kids Cook Like This?

Three cheers for the Wayner kids, Arielle and Alfie, who are competing in a special siblings episode of Food Network’s Chopped. There’s more about this impressive New Rochelle family in this article from Westchester Magazine. Full disclosure: their mom Ayanna is our former Deputy Commissioner of Development, so I’ve also got a sorta professional reason … Continue reading Why Can’t My Kids Cook Like This?

Some Light Weekend Reading

This recent article from the New Yorker is horrifying, and yet so brilliantly written that it also makes for a gripping read. It describes a major fault in the Pacific northwest that is sure to produce a devastating earthquake and tsunami — probably within our lifetimes. The article contains a pulse-pounding description of rolling catastrophe … Continue reading Some Light Weekend Reading

Enceladus or Bust

Read these three paragraphs from an article in today’s Times: Using atomic clocks on Earth, the scientists measured the radio frequency with enough precision that they could discern changes in the velocity of Cassini [orbiting Saturn], hundreds of millions of miles away, as minuscule as 14 inches an hour. They found that the moon’s [Enceladus, … Continue reading Enceladus or Bust