Beautiful City

Photo Credit: Xiaotong You

Amazing photo of New Rochelle from the air during at the golden hour.  What a beautiful city!

New Rochelle’s Fantasy Metro

Jeremy’s subway system for New Ro.  Coming soon?  Probably not.

After a serious post involving maps yesterday, I can’t resist sharing something today that’s a little more light-hearted.  Purely for transportation geeks — which I guess I am one — this site lets you design transit maps for real or imaginary cities.  My son Jeremy took a crack at New Rochelle.  Not bad!  Vaguely reminiscent of the old New York, Westchester & Boston Railway.

New Rochelle From Above

Photo Credit: Matt Fasciano

Pretty amazing view of New Rochelle (and Westchester) looking northwest from an outbound LaGuardia flight.  Davids Island and our growing downtown are prominent in the foreground.  You can easily make out the twin lakes at New Rochelle High School, and then the Cuomo Bridge and the Hudson River in the distance.  Love this stuff.

New Rochelle, The Restaurant

Love this.  Here’s the menu from a restaurant in La Rochelle, France called “New Rochelle.”  The 325 is a reference to the 325th anniversary of our founding.  Well rated on Trip Advisor.  Attention French chefs: “La Rochelle” would be a good name for a restaurant here.

Ride the Virtual Train

What the heck is this?  I’m not entirely sure.  Sort of an augmented reality version of an Amtrak ride from New Rochelle to Penn Station, with real buildings and landscape blended with digital additions and place-holders.  Not sure what purpose this serves.  A video game, I guess?  But I’m finding it kinda mesmerizing.