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“Lives . . . mean nothing to us”

This is a monumental piece of journalism from the Times Magazine.  Detailing the early scientific and political struggles over climate change, it is a still-unfinished tale of collective failure, leading to now-nearly-certain-but-once-avoidable catastrophe. Read all the way through to the epilogue, which is especially (and appropriately) raw: “We also know that, without a gargantuan intervention, … Continue reading “Lives . . . mean nothing to us”

Schumer Touts Rail Safety in New Ro

I was very glad to welcome Senator Chuck Schumer back to New Rochelle this morning.  The Senator was in town to advocate for Metro-North safety improvements.  Confidence in our rail systems is of vital importance to all commuters and of special significance to cities like New Rochelle that depend on safe and efficient mass transit.  … Continue reading Schumer Touts Rail Safety in New Ro

Something More to Say

We held our annual Bastille Day flag-raising ceremony this morning at City Hall, sponsored by the New Rochelle/La Rochelle Sister City Committee.  In prior years, my comments at this event have been brief and light-hearted — in fact, I’ve never before bothered to write anything out, opting instead to speak off the cuff.  Today, I … Continue reading Something More to Say

Crisis of Legitimacy

The news out of the Supreme Court is almost too dark and depressing to contemplate.  When Justice Kennedy’s replacement is seated, a newly entrenched right-wing majority will almost certainly roll-back reproductive freedoms, place at-risk hard-won civil rights and LGBTQ gains, and accelerate trends toward income inequality and the concentration of power among the privileged.  The … Continue reading Crisis of Legitimacy

New Rochelle is READI

R.E.A.D.I. stands for Respect, Enthusiasm, Articulate, Dependable, and Initiative — qualities that every employer seeks when making hiring decisions and that are vital to every youngster planning a career. It’s also the name of a program that New Rochelle is proud to support, alongside the Westchester-Putnam Workforce Development Board, My Brother’s Keeper, the Westchester Children’s … Continue reading New Rochelle is READI

Advocating for Small Cities

A single small city rarely has the political weight to influence national policy, but when small cities and towns join together around a common agenda, we have a fighting chance to make a difference.  That’s why I was pleased to join the First & Main coalition, which includes more than 100 mayors across the country.  … Continue reading Advocating for Small Cities