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Competing for Younger Residents

This article in the Times highlights both a challenge and an opportunity for our region.  Like other suburban counties, Westchester has been losing population in the 25-44 age range.  That’s a problem for all of us, because younger professionals are vital to attracting jobs, supporting our housing market, and encouraging cultural vitality. The good news … Continue reading Competing for Younger Residents

“All Continents and Across the Oceans”

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the preeminent global authority on climate issues, has just released its latest report, detailing impacts, adaptation strategies, and areas of greatest vulnerability.  It makes for grim reading, even with the report’s assurances that effective policy-making can still make a positive difference.  Money quote: “the effects of climate change … Continue reading “All Continents and Across the Oceans”

Showing True Colors on Guns

Since last November’s election, I have pretty much steered clear of criticizing Rob Astorino.  He beat me, fair and square, and negative commentary from the losing candidate, even if justified on the merits, invariably comes across as sour grapes. But I really can’t refrain from pointing out this article describing the County Executive’s campaign stop … Continue reading Showing True Colors on Guns

City Wins Planning Grants from NYS

When he took office three years ago, Governor Cuomo completely overhauled the State’s grant-making and development assistance process.  Today, municipalities and other entities submit funding requests to regional councils that distribute funding through a competitive, merit-based system.  New Rochelle just received word of two grant awards in the most recent round.  Here’s the text of … Continue reading City Wins Planning Grants from NYS

Private Virtues Missing in Public Square

Read this article from last Friday’s New York Times.  Then, if you are a parent, imagine this scenario: During a visit to the pediatrician, you learn that your child has contracted a serious degenerative illness.  For now, the symptoms are relatively mild – most of the time, your child seems perfectly fine – but the … Continue reading Private Virtues Missing in Public Square