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A Day of Reflection

For all Americans – and especially New Yorkers – September 11th is a day of somber reflection. We remember with sorrow the thousands of lives taken by an act of staggering evil. We recommit ourselves to sustaining the families who carry the heaviest burden of grief. And we reaffirm our gratitude to the First Responders and members of the Armed Forces, who risk their own safety through service to others.

A vigil for Trayvon

As a father, I can only imagine the pain that Trayvon’s parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, must now feel. When a case is the topic of such extensive commentary and has such broad social significance, the person at its center can be reduced to an abstract symbol. It is important to remember that he was a human being, flesh and blood, loved and now mourned.

Democratic Convention: Day Three

Writing yesterday afternoon, I expressed some ambivalence about the warm-up activities here in Charlotte and my eagerness to get on with the show. Well, that ambivalence is now gone. The Convention’s opening night was exceptionally impressive, with speeches and videos that were moving, funny, powerful, and pointed — with a confident, coherent message that bound … Continue reading Democratic Convention: Day Three