Politics and Representation in NY-3

I joined Andrew Whitman @3onNy3 for an-depth look at the newly-redrawn 3rd congressional district of New York, which includes southern New Rochelle and the Westchester Sound shore.  An interesting discussion about politics and representation.  You can watch here.


Love From/To Kentucky

A beautiful article in the Journal News describing the donation of masks from a small town in Kentucky to New Rochelle.  Our two-year-plus COVID experience has been tragic and draining, and yet we are reminded that the pandemic also inspired gestures of true kindness and humanity.  Please read.

Solidarity with Ukraine

The Ukrainian flag is flying at New Rochelle City Hall in solidarity with the brave and freedom-loving people of Ukraine.

Strong Presidential Leadership

A strong and effective speech yesterday from the President of the United States, who has successfully rallied the world to isolate Putin’s repressive Russia and to support a free Ukraine.  The President called for a similar spirit of unity and determination on our domestic challenges, rightly highlighting the significant accomplishments of the past year, while outlining practical measures to confront inflation and stabilize the nation’s recovery from COVID.  The Biden Administration’s policies have already had a positive effect in communities like New Rochelle by delivering vital resources for families, businesses, and service providers, and by providing for unprecedented investment in infrastructure, including for bold initiatives like the LINC.  Narrow congressional majorities make governance difficult, and yet — from ARPA to the infrastructure law, from restored international leadership to diversity and excellence on the federal courts — the President’s record has been impressive, and yesterday’s address leaves me feeling more optimistic about our course as a nation.

NYS Lifts Mask or Vax Mandate

With COVID rates declining quickly, Governor Hochul has lifted New York State’s mask or vax mandate for indoor spaces.  (Mask requirements remain in effect, for now, in certain higher-density or higher-risk settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, and mass transit, while schools will be reevaluated in March.)  In light of the State’s action, New Rochelle is lifting the local mask mandate that has applied to City Hall.

Barring the emergence of more dangerous variants and the special consideration that must still be afforded to the medically vulnerable, a new normal may now be upon us, in which COVID simply becomes background noise – no longer an acute crisis, but instead a chronic risk that we manage without excessive disruption to our lives, like many other risks.  This is not the definitive end to the pandemic for which many of us had hoped, and certainly feels nothing like the victory over polio or smallpox, but with a significant majority vaccinated, the Omicron wave imparting some measure of natural immunity, and effective tools to prevent serious illness widely available, this may be the closest thing to an “end” that is realistically attainable.