Calling All (Pete) Delegates!

I am very proud to back Pete Buttigieg for President.  If you share my enthusiasm for Pete, then please consider applying to be a Buttigieg delegate at next year’s Democratic National Convention.  It’s a rare and exciting opportunity to participate directly in the nomination of our next President.  Just fill out this form.

The Buttigieg campaign is also seeking volunteers to help collect signatures to put Pete on the New York ballot.  The primary is in April, but signature collection begins later this month.  If you are able to help out, there’s more information here.

I’ll be posting more about the Presidential race in the weeks ahead, as the New York primary gets closer.


Insightful Profile of Congress

A terrific piece about the dynamics and personalities of the U.S. Congress in this week’s New York Times magazine, as seen primarily through the eyes of new Representatives Abigail Spanberger and Ayanna Pressley.  Individual Congresspeople are often enormously impressive and admirable, genuinely striving to do good work, even as service within the institution as a whole seems like an increasingly miserable experience.  The article does a remarkable job of capturing these cross-currents.  Really a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the present moment in our politics.  (Full disclosure: the article’s author, Susan Dominus, is a good friend.  Not that I am biased or anything.)


MTA Highlights Penn Access

The MTA has launched a new website devoted to information and updates about Penn Access.  Visit the site at

When completed in a few years, the Penn Access project will link Metro-North’s New Haven line directly to Penn Station through four new stops in the Bronx. Because the rail line splits in New Rochelle, our community will have the closest station to Manhattan with direct service to both the east and west sides — a huge asset.

The MTA’s website focuses primarily on benefits for Bronx residents, which is understandable given that the bulk of new capital investments will occur in that borough, but the advantages for commuters in Westchester and Connecticut — and especially New Rochelle — will be enormous.


Lots of New Rochelleans in Power 100

City & State has just published their list of the Westchester Power 100, which they describe as “the movers and shakers who are defining the county’s future.”  There are lots of New Rochelleans in the mix, including:

Kathie Davidson, Belinda Miles, Rich Bamberger, Seamus Carey, Bill O’Shaughnessy, Alisa Kesten, and Michael Fosina.  (Plus me — listed as number 10, which seems a little too high.)  If you count folks who have worked in New Rochelle or represent New Rochelle, then the local connections are much more extensive.

You can read through the whole list to spot friends and neighbors.