The BID is a BFD

For years now, “infrastructure week” has been a jokey shorthand for Washington’s inability to address big challenges.  That changed last night, when the House of Representatives approved the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal, an ambitious $1 trillion package of essential investments in our nation’s future, including transportation, clean energy, climate resilience, and broadband.  Here’s detail.

President Biden, Speak Pelosi, and Senator Schumer deserve enormous credit for shepherding this once-in-a-generation plan through Congress, as do the Representatives and Senators who persevered through difficult negotiations to reach common ground.

The work isn’t done.  It’s essential now to follow up with a companion package that aims to expand economic opportunity, strengthen families, and further address the climate crisis.

But there’s no denying this is a big deal that will make a positive difference here in New Rochelle and in communities all across America, while demonstrating that principled, results-oriented national leadership really matters.

Car Free Day

I left the car at home and took a nice walk to City Hall this morning, doing my little part to support “Car Free Day.”  Of course, lots of people don’t have the luxury of living within walking distance of their place of employment, which is why investments in mass transit, bike infrastructure, and transportation options like scooters are so important to our community and world.

Up For Growth

Looking forward to participating in @Up4Growth on September 29, and very proud that New Rochelle is seen as a national model for progressive housing policy.  Join us by registering at #UFGChangemakers2021

Mayors Push for Infrastructure Investments

President Biden with Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg

I am proud to stand with my fellow mayors from Yonkers, Mount Vernon, and White Plains in advocating strongly for the President’s proposed investments in physical and human infrastructure, which are vital to communities like ours all across the nation.  @MayorMikeSpano, @MayorSPH, @wpmayorroach, and I co-authored this op-ed in today’s Journal News.

Governor Hochul

Then Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul at New Rochelle City Hall.

@GovKathyHochul has been a frequent visitor to New Rochelle and a good friend to our community.  With multiple challenges and opportunities confronting the State, all of us are invested in @KathyHochul’s success and leadership, and I am looking forward personally to working with New York’s 57th Governor.