Carl Reiner, Rest in Peace

Our nation lost an entertainment giant today, with the passing of Carl Reiner at the age of 98.  New Rochelleans feel a special connection to Reiner and his family, who lived on Bonnie Meadow Road near Davis School.  And, of course, Carl helped make New Rochelle famous worldwide by setting the iconic Dick Van Dyke Show here in our city.

Joining Carl Reiner via video for the honorary renaming of Bonnie Meadow Road back in April of 2018 will always rank among my favorite experiences as mayor.  He could not have been more warm, gracious, and — needless to say — funny.

May Carl Reiner rest in peace, and may his life’s work continue to inspire laughter and joy for many years to come.

Welcome Back, Carl Reiner


Schumer Cites New Rochelle on Morning Joe

During a fifteen minute interview yesterday on Morning Joe, Senator Chuck Schumer highlighted New Rochelle’s experience with COVID-19 to illustrate the importance of adequate testing capacity.  The reference to New Rochelle begins at about 10:00.  I am grateful to the Senator for his advocacy of emergency federal assistance to state and local governments, an urgent priority.



Outstanding Leadership (and a Welcome Clarification) from the Governor

Throughout the present public health crisis, Governor Andrew Cuomo has demonstrated remarkable leadership.  His daily press conferences have been calm, measured, fact-based, and full of relevant context.  From a New Rochelle perspective, I am particularly grateful to the Governor and his team for their devotion of attention and resources to our local needs.   During today’s press conference, the Governor also offered some very welcome clarification on the meaning of the New Rochelle “containment zone,” which has been widely misunderstood.  That section of the Governor’s comments begins at about 30:55 in this video.  Each and every one of the restrictions within our “containment zone” has since been overtaken and exceeded by even more stringent (and necessary) standards applied statewide.  In a sense, all of New York is now a containment zone, and all of America is almost sure to follow.



It’s Now or Never

The Democratic nominee for President could be determined in the next few days. I strongly support @PeteButtigieg. He’s Democrats’ best bet to defeat Trump and end the toxicity of the Trump era. If you back Pete, too, please donate to his campaign today:  It’s now or never.


Trump Budget: Figure Out What’s Right, Do the Opposite

Here’s the Trump Administration’s proposed federal budget for 2021, as analyzed by the U.S. Conference of Mayors.  In summary: major cuts to health, education, environmental, housing, and energy programs, including many that are of vital importance to residents of New Rochelle like the Community Development Block Grant, in order to pay for the President’s ridiculous border wall and for increases in defense.

It’s like some sort of cruel academic exercise: figure out the right priorities for America and then see if you can write a budget that accomplishes exactly the opposite.

President Trump’s hostility to democratic norms, morally bankrupt character, and infantile social media tantrums get most of the attention, but it’s worth remembering at all times that his actual policies are awful and destructive, too.

If you agree with me that a budget like this would be catastrophic for our country, then let’s do everything possible to ensure that the next federal budget is shaped by a different President.