Outdoor Dining on Division Street

A great look for Division Street today — closed to traffic, but filled with outdoor diners, as part of the New Ro Eats initiative.  Terrific job by the BID, Chamber, and participating restaurants, together with the City’s Business Ambassador, who put it all together.


New Ro Eats

As New Rochelle’s recovery continues, we are working with local restaurants to expand outdoor dining options and re-imagine public spaces for everyone’s enjoyment (and safety.)  Here’s one great example: starting this Sunday, the City is partnering with the Chamber of Commerce and the BID to launch a two-week experiment on Division Street, closing the road to traffic and allowing multiple restaurants to establish socially-distanced seating.  Al fresco dining will be available from 1:00pm to 9:00pm on Sunday, and then from noon to 9:00pm through July 5th.  While the test is running, we can evaluate public use of the space, gauge impacts on traffic and business, and learn lessons that might apply to other restaurant rows.  This press release has more information.


Uptown Farmers Market Opens Today

New Rochelle’s uptown Farmers Market at Thomas Paine Cottage opens today, but with special rules for physical distancing, as well as a new option for placing pre-orders to pickup.  This flyer contains all the details.


“NourishALL” in the News

If you missed Monday’s announcement of the City’s new NourishALL initiative, here’s some press coverage from WCBS Radio and from News12.  Big thanks to our donors in the development community for providing the initial funding for this innovative program, and to the restaurants and not-for-profits with which we are partnering on implementation.  Please consider making your own donation to NourishALL.  It’s a perfect way to assist neighbors with the greatest needs, while also supporting our business community.



New Rochelle Farms Opens Next Week

Almost ready to open. (I snuck in to get this photo.)

The long wait is just about over.  A new supermarket — New Rochelle Farms — will open next week at the corner of Manor Place and North Avenue, ready to serve the surrounding area, including the Historic District, the Lincoln Avenue corridor, and our burgeoning downtown.  Convenient access to fresh foods is important to every neighborhood, and this addition to New Rochelle takes on added significance with the departure of Stop and Shop from New Roc City.  Read more in this press release.