Congratulations, Graduate(s)

Jeremy and Owen

Couldn’t be more proud of our son Jeremy who graduated yesterday from New Rochelle High School.  And congratulations to the entire class of 2022!  Feels like kindergarten was yesterday.

The Roosevelt (Elementary School) Observer

A friend was cleaning out her basement and came across this 1978 edition of the Roosevelt (Elementary School) Observer.  The whole thing is completely charming, and it includes an interview by yours truly with my third grade teacher, Mrs. Resnick.  Favorite editorial comment: “she is a normal person.”  I was part of Roosevelt’s last graduating class and have lots of great memories.  Proud to have grown up in New Rochelle.

Groundhog Pup

A bumper crop of baby critters around our house this spring.  First, the robins that hatched and fledged just outside our front door, now this adorable groundhog pup, seen here nuzzling its mother, that pays frequent visits to our backyard.  The pup will be independent at about 2 months of age, which, considering the counter-example of my teenage sons, is hard to comprehend.

Hello Baby Robins

The robin’s nest outside our front door has two new hatchlings.  I’m having a wonderful time checking on their progress — and also, perhaps, annoying the rest of my family with too-frequent updates.

I Love the Spring

A bird’s nest just outside our front door, well-concealed in the shrubbery from most angles, but perfectly visible at eye level from our house.  We’ll see chicks before long.  I love the springtime.