A Big Win for Sustainable Westchester

Very proud of my future colleagues at Sustainable Westchester, who secured a highly-competitive $5.65m federal grant to lead decarbonization efforts at dozens of nonprofits across New York State.  Sustainable Westchester is one of just nine awardees nationwide and the only one in the northeast.  A real tribute to Sustainable Westchester’s outstanding team and evidence of their outsized impact on our region.  Here’s more about the program and about Sustainable Westchester’s award.

Flood Mitigation and Recovery

As rainstorms increase in frequency and severity, New Rochelle is poised to make historic investments in flood mitigation, while also providing new tools to help residents recover.  This page contains details and links describing our comprehensive strategy.

New Rochelle Takes the Bronze (Which is Good)

Receiving the Bronze with Andrea Stewart-Cousins, Kevin Kain, Noam Bramson, Basil Seggos, Sara Kaye, Nick Sioufas, and George Latimer

Thanks to a wide range of local environmental actions, New Rochelle has attained Bronze Certification under New York’s Climate Smart Communities program.  NYS DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos visited Westchester to confer this distinction on our community and several others.  Silver next!

Climate Ready Webinar on September 21

New Rochelle is tackling the challenges of climate change head on. Join us for a webinar on September 21 from 7:00pm to 8:30pm to learn about Climate Ready NR, an ongoing assessment of our community’s climate vulnerabilities and opportunities to improve resilience.  Please also take this survey to help ensure your perspective and experience inform our city’s climate strategies.

Stay Cool

You don’t need me to tell you: it’s hot out there.  Be sure to take sensible precautions, stay inside in an air-conditioned space to the extent possible, hydrate regularly, and look out for signs of heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

Climate change is unquestionably impacting the frequency and severity of extreme weather events.  So this is an opportune moment to remind residents to participate in our Climate Ready NR survey.  Help ensure that New Rochelle is resilient, strong, and equitable.

Help New Rochelle Become Climate Ready

The torrential rains that severely impacted the Hudson Valley this past weekend are only the latest of many, many examples of how climate change is reshaping our world and region.  Every city needs to analyze its vulnerabilities, with an eye toward building resilience.  That’s why New Rochelle has launched Climate Ready NR

Now we need to hear from a broad spectrum of residents and stakeholders, so that local climate solutions reflect the needs, experiences, and opportunities of our highly diverse community. 

Please take this digital survey to let the us know how climate hazards impact New Rochelle’s residents, workers, businesses, visitors, and neighborhoods. The survey will be open throughout the summer. 

For a more in-depth experience, on July 13, from 7:00pm to 8:30pm, the City will host a virtual session for residents to learn more about Climate Ready NR, provide perspectives, and ask questions. You can register here.

And for ongoing news and updates, visit www.newrochelleny.com/GreeNR.