Tesla Charging Stations Coming to New Roc Garage

Through a new arrangement negotiated by our Department of Development, Tesla Motors will soon install eight new electric vehicle charging stations at the New Roc garage.

These kinds of public-private partnerships promote sustainability, while helping our city build out the infrastructure of tomorrow.


Food Blog: North End Tavern

We’d already taken a bite of our pretzel by the time I snapped the photo.

A fun, lively sports bar with pub food that’s a cut above the norm, the North End Tavern at 1301 North Avenue in the Wykagyl area is a great addition to New Rochelle’s dining scene.

Lots of people seem to agree, because on a recent Wednesday evening — not usually a big night for eating out — the Tavern was full of happy diners.

North End Burger, medium rare.

Catie was away in Philadelphia, so I took the boys out for a treat, and we collectively consumed a shamefully large amount of food, starting with a heaping plate of nachos and a soft chewy pretzel.  Jeremy and I then moved on to burgers (perfectly medium-rare with a good meat-to-bun ratio), while Owen went for his standard go-to order: a generous bowl of mac & cheese.  All delicious, if not exactly dietetic.

The staff was especially helpful in recommending — and providing tastings of — different beers.  I settled on a Flower Power IPA.  Nothing quite as interesting for the boys, although they seemed to enjoy their lemonade.


Trump Travel Ban Hampers Local Resettlement Efforts

This morning’s Journal News features an extensive article describing local refugee settlement efforts and explaining the devastating impact of the Trump travel ban.

The community and religious organizations in our region who have taken a leadership role in assisting refugee families reflect the best of the American spirit.

I am quoted near the end of the article.  And several months ago, I wrote to the State Department in support of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), which coordinates resettlement activities in the New York area.


It’s Time to Make People Angry

Please read my latest on the Huffington Post.  And if you agree with my comments, please like and share them with others.  Here’s a link:


We should never gratuitously seek division or fail to appreciate competing points of view; on the contrary, our nation desperately needs more understanding and bridge-building.  But nor should we be intimidated by anger or afraid to stir it in just cause, especially those of us privileged to serve in leadership roles.  When so much fundamental is at stake, if we are not making someone angry, we are probably doing something wrong . . . or doing nothing at all.