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Showing True Colors on Guns

Since last November’s election, I have pretty much steered clear of criticizing Rob Astorino.  He beat me, fair and square, and negative commentary from the losing candidate, even if justified on the merits, invariably comes across as sour grapes. But I really can’t refrain from pointing out this article describing the County Executive’s campaign stop … Continue reading Showing True Colors on Guns

Concierge Desk Planned for Train Station

As the busiest stop along Westchester’s portion of the New Haven line, the New Rochelle train station welcomes thousands of riders every day, serves as a vital gateway to our community, and sits at the heart of our economic development strategy.  The station house itself is a charming old structure, and the garage next door … Continue reading Concierge Desk Planned for Train Station

Saving a Piece of History

The former Presbyterian Church on North Avenue, just south of City Hall, is one of New Rochelle’s most prominent historic buildings, but having been abandoned for many years (and under the ownership of a City government that was hard-pressed to devote funds to maintenance), it had fallen into considerable disrepair.  With structural problems constituting a … Continue reading Saving a Piece of History