Sculptures Pop Up Downtown

The Journal News ran a nice story last week about New Rochelle’s expanding collection of public art installations, including sculptures at our Transit Center, in a new pocket park on Burling Lane, and by the main Public Library — with many more to come, such as a major installation at Ruby Dee Park.

Read the whole story.

The arts and technology are critical parts of New Rochelle’s overall development strategy.  We’re aiming for a downtown that is vibrant both economically and culturally.



New Rochelle Tops Diversity List

New Rochelle is one of the most diverse cities in America, according to this analysis from Wallethub, which was also picked up by Westchester Magazine.  We rank 6th among small cities and 18th overall.

Wallethub’s methodology encompasses a variety of metrics, including income, race & ethnicity, educational attainment, birthplace, and other factors.

I’ve always been grateful to grow up in a community like New Rochelle, and Catie and I are very proud today to raise our children in a city where their friends and classmates represent such a broad range of experiences and traditions.


For School Board: Warhit & Moselhi

On Tuesday, May 16th, four candidates are running for two positions on the New Rochelle Board of Education.  Catie and I urge you to join us in voting for Paul Warhit and Amy Moselhi.

Paul Warhit

Paul Warhit

Full disclosure: Paul has been a personal friend for about twenty years, and I have always admired his strength of character and civic-mindedness.  I’m not alone — among those who have worked with him in his various leadership capacities, Paul is just about universally respected.  So it is with special enthusiasm that I endorse him today.

Paul’s contributions to our community have been wide-ranging and significant, including most recently service as the President of the New Rochelle Public Library Foundation.  He is passionately committed to public education and will bring to the School Board a deep understanding of our community, along with valuable experience as a business owner and operator.

I look forward to Paul’s applying his considerable skills and energies to the students and families of New Rochelle.

Amy Moselhi

Amy Moselhi

By contrast, I have come to know Amy Moselhi only in recent weeks, but she has impressed me as few other first-time candidates.  Amy’s own words make clear her profound appreciation for New Rochelle’s special qualities and for our schools’ essential place in the fabric of the community:

“I moved to New Rochelle in 2011 in search of a safe, diverse, culturally-enriched neighborhood to raise my son and love the city and hope to help push our district in the direction of excellence both academically and in the area of capital improvement.  [I will bring] an unwavering commitment to the principles that make a diverse public school district strong [and a] commitment to the implementation of policies that will help protect the trajectory of the district.”

Amy has already demonstrated her dedication to these values in a variety of roles, including service on the Board of Hearts and Homes for Refugees and the New Rochelle My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) Race Relations Committee, as a member of the Junior League, and as the PTA Executive Co- Chair for the Board of Education and Daniel Webster School.

Of special note, Amy is an accomplished civil engineer, whose knowledge will be of enormous benefit as our schools undertake major capital improvements.

In conclusion, Amy is an almost unique fit for the School District’s current needs, challenges, and opportunities and will be an outstanding addition to the Board of Ed.

Other Choices

There is a third excellent candidate in the race, Moraydda Rosado.  Against other competition, I would be pleased to support someone like Moraydda, but Paul and Amy are so superbly qualified that they get my nod.  I hope that Moraydda remains involved in our community, because she has much to offer.

The fourth candidate is Vincent Malfetano.  In my opinion, based on many years of observation, he is not suited for public office.

Please remember that you are entitled to vote for two candidates, so even if you have a single favorite, be certain to cast both of your ballots — don’t waste your opportunity to ensure that New Rochelle’s public schools have the best possible leadership.

Yes for Schools and Libraries

Finally, Catie and I are voting Yes on both the School and Library budgets and are happy to support Yadira Ramos-Herbert, who is running unopposed for reelection to the Library Board.

The School District has more information about voting.  And if you’re not sure where to vote, you can check here.

Thank you for considering my input, and don’t forget to vote on Tuesday!



This afternoon, the Republican majority in the House of Representatives will vote to strip away health insurance from 24 million people, reduce the quality of health insurance for millions more, dramatically weaken protections for pre-existing conditions, and recklessly re-shuffle about a sixth of the American economy.

They will do so in a chaotic rush, in the face of overwhelming opposition from experts and the general public alike, and without any of the careful analysis, review, or discussion that usually accompanies major legislation.

If this bill, or anything resembling it, is ever signed into law, then many people will die as a consequence, while many others will be consigned to financial or medical misery.  That’s not a possibility or a probability; it’s a certainty.

In the modern era, it is hard to think of a prior Congressional action quite so intellectually incoherent, morally bankrupt, or needlessly cruel.  For those responsible, there is no plausible route to redemption, no possible combination of compensating, positive acts that might even the scales of historical judgment.

Every representative voting in favor deserves to be swept out of public office.  Every single one.