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Latest Climate Report Says The Same Thing As Every Other Climate Report

Right on the heels of unsettling UN reports that examine the impact of climate change world-wide, a new National Climate Assessment describes the effects and risks of climate change here in the United States. From torrential rainfall in the northeast, to beetle infestations that are killing millions of acres of forest in the northwest, to … Continue reading Latest Climate Report Says The Same Thing As Every Other Climate Report

Fixing Our Roads

After a particularly brutal winter, during which our streets took a beating, many residents have questions about the City’s road paving policies.  Here’s how it works: The City’s engineering staff conducts a comprehensive examination of road conditions each year, considering factors such as breaks in the asphalt, quantity of potholes, traffic intensity, years elapsed since … Continue reading Fixing Our Roads

The Fourth Regional Plan

For decades, the Regional Plan Association (RPA) has played a vital role in shaping the growth of the New York metropolitan area, addressing the interrelated challenges of transportation, development, sustainability, infrastructure, and land use.  The professionals enlisted by RPA are among the most highly-respected in the world, and their efforts have a significant impact on … Continue reading The Fourth Regional Plan

Walk of Fame Induction this Saturday

Over the years, quite a few New Rochelleans have received national or international acclaim for their accomplishments.  To celebrate this interesting history of achievement, the City and the Business Improvement District established a Walk of Fame at Library Green back in 2011.  Made possible through the initiative and philanthropy of former resident Roderick Kennedy and … Continue reading Walk of Fame Induction this Saturday