Thank You!

Heartfelt thanks to all who attended or contributed to my brunch yesterday afternoon!

We had a great crowd of more than 400 in attendance, with many more who supported the event from afar.

If you weren’t able to join us, but would still like to help, you can make a contribution here:

In remarks at the brunch, much as I did in my recent State of the City Address, I spoke about the strange divided reality of our times: a community making exciting and meaningful progress, at the same moment that our nation faces grave and unsettling challenges.  Yet I concluded hopefully that many of us feel:

“. . . a renewed sense of purpose and focus and determination — a realization that we cannot be spectators only, that we have a personal responsibility to be citizens in the fullest sense of the word, and to link arms with our neighbors of every heritage and background and tradition and circumstance, recognizing that life is not a zero-sum-game of all against all, that our interests are fundamentally bound together. 

And recognizing also that we are not helpless.  That there are things we can do – here, close to home.  Whatever happens in Washington, we can welcome and respect our immigrant communities here, embrace the promise of renewable energy here, build a local economy that is vibrant and just here, and be kind and loving to each other here.”

I hope you share my determination to work together for a stronger city, country, and world.


Despite Trump, Doing Our Part

President Trump may have shamefully withdrawn the United States from the Paris Climate Accord, but here in New Rochelle, we will continue to do our part to promote a sustainable future.

We’re delivering 100% renewable power to every electricity consumer through community choice aggregation.  We’re replacing all of our street lights with energy efficient LEDs.  We’re adding electric charging stations to our municipal garages.  We’re working to make our city more pedestrian and bike friendly.  And, contrary to the President’s specious claims, we’re doing it all while saving money and building a more vibrant local economy.

The Trump Administration’s climate denial is a serious blow to the world’s interests — no doubt about it — but many state, county, and local governments are ready to step up and fill the leadership vacuum.


Beechmont Lake Gets State Grant

Natural resources like Beechmont Lake are essential to our environment, quality of life, and property values — and also help with flood mitigation — but the Lake’s condition has deteriorated over the years, and restoring its ecological health requires dredging, which is an expensive proposition.

So we were very happy to report some good news this week: thanks to the excellent work of Assembly Members Amy Paulin and Steve Otis, Beechmont Lake will receive a $250,000 State grant.

Together with a $1,000,000 allocation in the City’s 10-year capital budget, these dollars will go a long way to ensuring that a special place is protected and preserved for today’s residents and future generations.

I expect project details to come into clearer focus this summer, as we complete testing of silt deposition and evaluate other factors.

There’s more information in this press release.


Honoring Vietnam Vets

Click to link to video.

This past Tuesday evening, I was proud to accept — on behalf of all New Rochelle residents — the gift of a new monument honoring veterans of the War in Vietnam.

This coverage from News 12 captures the spirit of the event.

I thank the United Veterans Memorial and Patriotic Association of New Rochelle for conceiving of this tribute and doing the hard work, including fundraising, which made it possible.

You can view the monument in front of City Hall, just to the right of the main walkway from North Avenue.

May we never forget the profound sacrifice of those who served our nation.