New Winter Storm Arrives

Following below is this afternoon’s city-wide message.  Stay safe and avoid travel, if you can.

This is an important storm advisory from the City of New Rochelle.  A Winter Storm Warning is in effect through tomorrow morning.  Please avoid any unnecessary travel.
Please move cars off-street to assist with snow removal.  Metered parking will be free at the Transit Center and New Roc garages until further notice.

Thursday’s garbage collection in the north end is cancelled.

If you lose power, contact Con Edison at 1-800-75-CONED or online at 
Report downed trees to the New Rochelle Police Desk at 914-654-2300.

Please check in on elderly or infirm neighbors, especially those who do not have power.

After the storm, please clear any fire hydrants near your property.  And when digging out cars, please do not shovel snow back into the road.

Power restoration activities will resume after the storm ends.
Additional bulletins will follow as needed.  And for more information, please visit

This has been Mayor Noam Bramson.  Thank you for listening, and stay safe.



I had a heated, profanity-laced conversation with a Con Ed executive last night.  Probably not my finest hour, but at least my yelling and screaming channeled the frustration that so many residents are feeling at the moment.

The specific topic of last night’s outburst was the utility’s failure to clear fallen power lines from a major road, after having pledged repeatedly to do so.  But lots of other failures could have stood in: the laughably unrealistic repair schedule estimates, the inability or unwillingness to provide real-time tracking of restoration crews to Con Ed’s own municipal representatives, the repeated, false statements from Con Ed reps claiming that public works crews must clear branches before the utility can repair electrical wires (it’s the other way around,) and, above all, the shocking inadequacy of resources, which makes progress painfully slow.  A fiasco on every level, with only the hard and dedicated work of the line crews and muni-reps offering some measure of balance to the atrocious command and control.

There are still more than 1,500 people without power in New Rochelle as of this morning.  And now we are heading into a severe winter storm that will: (a) force a suspension of operations, (b) create a whole series of new physical obstructions, (c) almost certainly result in multiple new power outages.  In other words, conditions are about to take several giant steps backwards.  During this weather-enforced pause in activity, I will be urging Con Ed to make a series of course corrections, so that they can be more efficient and responsive when restoration resumes.  I have no great faith that these pleas will be effective, but I feel obligated to try.

Although not particularly relevant to the community challenge, let me note that I am one of those without power.  We have a foot of water in our basement, and two very cranky children.  But I can’t really complain: we are able to stay in my mother’s apartment, none of us has a difficult medical condition, and on some level, this is a teachable moment for our kids.  They’ve heard in an abstract way about their grandparents’ experience as refugees — and maybe this expulsion from home gives them the tiniest fraction of a sense of what it means to be forcibly uprooted, albeit in a safe place, with iPhones and take-out pizza (which, admittedly, ruin the effect a bit.)

Please look out for your neighbors whose circumstances may be more difficult.  I will continue advocating to the best of my ability (and hopefully with more diplomacy and less screaming,) and we’ll get through this.  As I said at the conclusion of my recent State of the City Address, spring is coming — but winter sure isn’t leaving without a fight.


Nor’easter Update 3-6-18 . . . and Another Storm Coming

The latest emergency robocall concerning storm recovery (and now, unfortunately, preparation for the next storm) follows below:

This is the City of New Rochelle with Tuesday’s storm recovery update and a winter storm warning. This message is long, but please listen to the end.

Con Ed has restored power for many hundreds of homes, but many hundreds are still out. The City is continuing to push hard for swift action.

Remember that some additional homes may temporarily lose electricity as repairs occur, because power must be deactivated for line crews to work safely.

If you do not have power, we urge you to call Con Ed on a daily basis a 1-800-75CONED.

The Public Library and Doyle Senior Center are open today as warming and charging centers.

Dry ice is once again available near City Hall on Hamilton Avenue until 6:00pm.

And now with regard to the next storm:

Heavy wet snow is predicted for our area beginning late tonight, with significant accumulations and heavy winds.

Please do not place storm debris for collection in the street — store it curbside to keep the road clear for plows.

Where possible, move cars off street into driveways or lots. Beginning at 6:00pm tonight, metered parking at the New Roc and Transit Center Garages will be open for free parking for residents that wish to relocate their cars.

Commingled recycling will be collected on Wednesday citywide; however at this point it is likely that Thursday’s trash collection will be cancelled.

We should all be ready for the likelihood that storm conditions will lead to new power outages. Please prepare accordingly, check in on elderly or infirm neighbors, and, again, contact Con Ed to report your address if power goes out.

The City will continue to post information to our website and social media, and additional bulletins will follow as warranted.

This has been Mayor Noam Bramson.  Thank you for listening.


Task Force Named to Address School and Youth Issues

The School District has announced the membership of the “Task Force on Reducing Violence in the Lives of Children and Youth.”  See this press release for more information.

Thank you to the Task Force members — who represent a cross-section of our community — for the gift of their time and wisdom.

The City is eager to engage in this important process as a full partner, and I am looking forward to acting on recommendations that can enable all of our young people to excel in a secure, nurturing environment.


Nor’easter Update 3-5-18

I just recorded and sent the following message city-wide:

This is the City of New Rochelle with Monday’s storm recovery update.

Power restoration is now underway with several crews working in New Rochelle. Locations are prioritized by Con Ed according to the number of homes affected by each repair.

Separate crews are still working to clear roads, with a focus on major streets or areas without emergency vehicle access.

If you do not have power, we urge you to call Con Ed on a daily basis until your power is restored. Con Ed’s number is 1-800-75CONED.

City resources are fully mobilized round the clock. We have pressed Con Ed at every opportunity to devote sufficient resources to our area and to operate on a 24-hour basis — and now with another major storm forecast for Tuesday night through Thursday morning, we are pushing Con Ed hard to effect repairs prior to then.

The New Rochelle Public Library is open today until 8:00pm, and the Hugh Doyle Senior Center until 4:30pm as warming and charging centers.

Dry ice is once again available near City Hall on Hamilton Avenue until 6:00pm. Con Ed also has an information truck at the same site.

Additional information is available at

This has been Mayor Noam Bramson. Thank you for listening.