Holiday Lights in New Ro

Our new holiday lights at Library Green and at City Hall are really beautiful.  A festive start to the season, and definitely worth a visit after sundown.

Calcification. Parity. Cultural Backlash.

The best explanation I have seen of the current political era from the always excellent @ezraklein.  Summary: “The parties are so different that even seismic events don’t change many Americans minds. The parties are so closely matched that even minuscule shifts in the electoral winds can blow the country onto a wildly different course. And even in a time of profound economic dislocation, American politics has become . . . about whether the cultural changes of the past 50 years delight or dismay you.”

I am relieved by the outcome of the midterms, but the conditions Klein describes aren’t going to disappear any time soon.  Add three other factors — the anti-majoritarian flaws of our Constitution, the polarizing effects of social media, and the growing right-wing flirtation with authoritarianism — and you have a prescription for ongoing political turmoil, with enormous risks for liberal democracy, and no end in sight.

Food Tour of Union Avenue

An epic food tour of Union Avenue in New Rochelle’s West End, led by our own Council Member Martha Lopez and Lohud food writer Jeanne Muchnick.  Sure to whet your appetite for some of Westchester’s most authentic and delicious cuisine.  I blogged about my own food tour through the neighborhood a few years ago, but Martha and Jeanne seem to have topped me.

Veterans Day Ceremony on Friday

Join us this Friday at 11:00am at Faneuil Park (at Huguenot and East Main), as New Rochelle honors America’s veterans.  In the event of bad weather, the ceremony will be moved indoors to City Hall.  Thank you to the Veterans Advisory Committee for organizing our community’s observance.

Bramson vs. Astorino (2022 Edition)

Nine years ago, Rob Astorino and I were locked in a heated contest for County Executive, during which we got along personally, but disagreed on pretty much everything.  Last week, Iona University hosted the two of us for a pre-election debate/conversation, and we picked up right where we left off.  The threats to our democracy are real and urgent . . . and need to be called out in the clearest, strongest terms.  Please watch, share, and VOTE.