Find Your Heart in Downtown New Rochelle

Starting today and through the end of the month, you can find a seven foot tall Instagram-worthy heart-shaped flower arch in the heart of downtown New Rochelle at the corner of Division and Huguenot.  It’s a great idea timed for Valentine’s Day, courtesy of the Business Improvement District and Enchanted Flowers.

In addition, the BID has teamed up with New Rochelle High School students to display red oaktag hearts, each with their own unique artistic style, as part of the outdoor “Gallery of HeARTworks.”  Look for these hearts in the windows of participating businesses.

There’s more in this press release, including information about how your selfie can win a $50 gift certificate.


New Rochelle Invites Residents and Organizations to Submit Images Reflecting on a Year of COVID

As we approach the one-year anniversary of New Rochelle’s first exposure to COVID, the City invites residents and organizations to submit images that capture our experience of loss, strength, resilience, and hope, or that simply record the new normal of life in the pandemic.  There’s more information in this press release, and images can be uploaded at  The submission deadline is Monday, February 22.

Selected pieces will be compiled into a retrospective that will be posted online by Wednesday, March 3, exactly one year after our first case.

Please consider joining this community-wide effort by submitting a photograph that is meaningful to you.  I hope and believe that the combined images will be a powerful record of New Rochelle’s character and determination during a year of unprecedented challenge.


New Rochelle Rated Among Best Cities for Black Women

It’s best to take these sorts of ratings with a grain of salt, but how can I not shine a light on this report which scores New Rochelle as the second best city in America for Black women, based on factors such as safety, homeownership, educational attainment, income, etc.  To be clear, even if the comparative data show New Rochelle in a positive light relative to other cities, in absolute terms, there are still very significant inequities in New Rochelle, reflecting both the historical and the present-day impacts of structural racism.  We should regard such reports as an impetus to further progress and not as a basis for complacency.


ACLU Makes History with Former New Rochellean

Deborah Archer

Really, really proud of former New Rochelle resident (and still friend) Deborah Archer, who was just elected President of the American Civil Liberties Union, becoming the first black person to lead the ACLU in its 100+ year history.  Now, if we can just get Deb and her family to move back to New Rochelle . . .


Winter Storm Update

I just sent the following citywide robocall.  Please note especially that, in contrast to yesterday’s message, today’s north end garbage pickup is cancelled.  DPW had originally intended to pick up trash this morning, but reconsidered based on conditions.  We sincerely regret the error and any inconvenience it may have caused.

Good morning. This is the City of New Rochelle with updated information on today’s winter storm. Para espanol, oprima numero uno.

First, DPW has determined that conditions make garbage pickup impractical, and so today’s north end garbage service is cancelled. We advise residents to please bring their trash back from the curb, and sincerely regret any inconvenience from the error in yesterday’s message. In addition, tomorrow’s south end garbage pickup is cancelled. We expect that the normal sanitation schedule will resume on Wednesday with citywide recycling.

Storm conditions are expected to worsen throughout the day and then continue into tomorrow. Many secondary roads may not be completely cleared until well after the storm has ended.  Please plan accordingly and avoid unnecessary travel.

Now, to repeat information from yesterday . . .

If you lose power, contact Con Edison at 1-800-75-CONED or  Report downed trees and power lines to the New Rochelle Police at 654-2300. 

For those trying to move cars off-street, free parking is available at New Roc City and at the New Rochelle Transit Center until further notice.

After the storm, please clear sidewalks and fire hydrants adjacent to your property.  And, when digging out cars, please do not throw snow back into the street.

For additional information, visit

This has been Mayor Noam Bramson.  Thank you for listening, and stay safe.