Free Removal of Hazardous Trees

Do you have an ailing tree on your property that could potentially threaten electric lines if it falls?  Then you may be eligible to have the tree removed for free through Con Edison’s Hazardous Tree Program.  To learn more, email Con Edison at

During recent storms, collapsing trees have knocked out power for tens of thousands of Westchester residents.  Responsible tree maintenance can help limit future damage, so please take advantage of this free service from Con Ed.



Huguenot Park Causeway Plan

Fresh on the heels of approving a vision for the future of Hudson Park, this week the City Council received recommendations for enhancing the causeway at Huguenot Park, which connects North Avenue to New Rochelle High School.  The plan aims to improve the accessibility, appearance, and ecological health of one of the most visible locations in our city.  Take a look.


COVID Cases Rising

COVID numbers throughout our region are rising at an alarming rate, with more than 200 active cases in New Rochelle as of this writing.  If these trends continue, it seems likely that the State will establish “cluster zones” at several locations around Westchester, with the re-imposition of restrictions on commerce and gatherings.

The trajectory of the virus is in our hands.  If we act responsibly — wearing masks, keeping our distance, washing our hands frequently — then we can control the spread, just as we did in the spring, and avert the disruptive effects of a shutdown.  If we let down our guard, then negative consequences will ensue, including, most importantly, the loss of life.

It is hard to be disciplined after so many months of struggle, when all of us are eager for a return to normal life.  But easing up now will only prolong and intensify the crisis.  Let’s once again rise to the occasion as a community and do the right thing together.


City Manager Proposes 2021 Budget

City Manager Chuck Strome has proposed a budget for 2021.  Despite the significant negative fiscal impacts of the COVID pandemic, the proposed budget maintains current service levels and adheres to the State property tax cap by drawing upon the City’s robust fund balance.  The fund balance (essentially our savings account and rainy day fund) has grown across several years of strong economic performance, and it makes sense to utilize these dollars to cushion the blow of the COVID fiscal shock.  But this is not a sustainable practice over the long-term, which is why federal aid for localities like New Rochelle remains a vital priority.  Here’s the full budget proposal.

In the weeks ahead, the City Council will review the proposed budget carefully and consider potential amendments, with the goal of adopting a final budget in mid-December.