Green Landscaping Tips

Even though it’s still winter, this is prime time to plan for a healthier, greener landscape around your home. Courtesy of New Rochelle’s Ecology and Natural Resources Advisory Committee, here are five eco-friendly tips:

•  Learn about and order native plants. Plant wisely for a healthy landscape and yard.

•  Make a plan for spring before it arrives. Make a plan to care for your natural landscape with these tools and tips.

•  Use rainwater not freshwater to save the Earth and your pocketbook.  Every drop counts (literally): learn how to harvest rainwater with rain barrels.

•  Prune your trees in winter. Pruning improves tree structure and resilience to high winds and storms. Learn how to prune your trees and how to keep them healthy and happy.

•  Start composting, it’s good for your landscape and our city. Check out this guide to home composting made easy.


Cities Need COVID Relief

As the first city in America to face a community outbreak of COVID, New Rochelle knows well the impact of the pandemic on municipal finances.  That’s why we are joining 425 other cities, blue and red, in calling on Congress to provide direct fiscal relief.  #AmericanRescuePlan


Restaurant Value Week

Throughout the past year, in the face of unprecedented challenges, New Rochelle’s restaurants have continued to provide sustenance and pleasure to our entire community.  As we look ahead to recovery, a thriving restaurant scene will remain vital to New Rochelle’s success, so l thank the BID and participating restauranteurs for organizing “Restaurant Value Week” from March 1 through March 14.  See all the specials here.  Let’s take this opportunity to enjoy outstanding values and support great eateries throughout downtown New Rochelle.


Food Blog: Crotty’s Cheesesteaks

Catie is from Philly, so you can imagine that our family was excited when Crotty’s Cheesesteaks opened at the corner of Eastchester Road and North Avenue.  We didn’t wait long to place our first order, going with tradition — whiz and onions — although I topped mine off with the possibly unorthodox addition of hot italian peppers.  Gooey, warm, meaty, and delicious.  It must be admitted that these sandwiches require the temporary suspension of any diet you may be on, but they are well worth the calories.  Mmmm.

This morning I attended Crotty’s grand opening and met the father-daughter team responsible for the restaurant.  It’s not easy to start a new business in a pandemic, especially a service business that will depend, in part, on student traffic.  Fortunately, they were genuinely excited to be in New Rochelle, optimistic about their prospects for success, and justifiably proud of their great food.

Here’s the menu.  Enjoy!



Another Storm on the Way

Another winter storm is on the way, making for a messy end to the week.  I just sent the following message citywide.  Stay safe.

Good afternoon. This is the City of New Rochelle with winter storm information.  Para espanol, oprima numero uno. 

A major winter storm is predicted for our area, with snowfall beginning early tomorrow, becoming heavier Thursday afternoon and continuing into Friday.  Roads will be unsafe, so avoid unnecessary travel. 

Garbage collection is cancelled for both Thursday and Friday. However, comingled recycling will be picked up tomorrow citywide. To repeat: garbage pickup is cancelled for Thursday and Friday, but comingled recycling will be picked up tomorrow citywide, both north end and south end.

As always, if you lose power, contact Con Edison at 1-800-75-CONED or  Report downed trees and power lines to the New Rochelle Police at 654-2300.  

Before the storm, if possible, please park cars off-street to make room for plows.  As an option, parking will be free at New Roc City and at the New Rochelle Transit Center, effective immediately through Saturday at midnight.

After the storm, please clear sidewalks and fire hydrants adjacent to your property.  And, when digging out cars, please do not throw snow back into the street. 

DPW will be working continuously, but many secondary roads may not be completely cleared until well after the storm has ended.  Please plan accordingly. 

For additional information, visit

This has been Mayor Noam Bramson.  Thank you for listening, and stay safe.