Podcast Recommendation: The Big Dig

Here’s my first-ever (and possibly last-ever) podcast recommendation.  The Big Dig, produced by WGBH in Boston, examines one of the most controversial and maligned projects in American history.  I know, I know, sounds really dry, but trust me: it is truly gripping.  A deeply insightful and often profound study of history, politics, engineering, and human nature that actually had me in tears at multiple points.  How hard it is to do big things, and how important it is to try!

Frances Sternhagen, Rest in Peace

A foppish Bramson and an elegant Sternhagen read from Shakepeare

Almost everyone knew her face, familiar from an extraordinarily prolific acting career, and many fans knew her name, too.  But only a comparatively small and fortunate few knew her as a neighbor.  Frances Sternhagen, who passed away this week at the age of 93, was a beloved part of New Rochelle, admired as much for her humility, warmth, and gentle kindness, as for her acting talents.  I will always treasure the memory of reading sonnets with her at the Sound Shore Shakespeare Festival a few years ago.  Needless to say, her stage presence was just a little better than mine!  Please read Sternhagen’s full obituary in the Times.  May Frances Sternhagen rest in peace.

Development Snapshot

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Last week’s budget presentation from our Department of Development included a helpful snapshot of New Rochelle’s historic growth.  This slide illustrates the status of projects approved, completed, and under construction, as well as occupancy rates, affordability, and points of origin from which new residents are arriving.  Although several more years will be required before the benefits of growth are realized fully (keep in mind that only about a fifth of the anticipated new population is already here), our progress to date has been dramatic and entirely consistent with the City’s hopes and goals.

Great Parade!

Another great Thanksgiving Parade in New Rochelle, bringing together thousands of residents from every part of our city.  Thank you to the Chamber of Commerce, the City’s Parks and Rec team, and all sponsors and participants for making this Thanksgiving season even more special.