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Bloomberg: New Ro is a “Champion City”

In a nation-wide competition featuring more than 300 applications, New Rochelle has been named one of just 35 “Champion Cities” by Bloomberg Philanthropies.  #mayorschallenge Bloomberg challenged municipalities across the country to propose innovative ideas with the potential to benefit cities everywhere.  New Rochelle’s winning concept involves the use of virtual-reality to visualize development, enhance the … Continue reading Bloomberg: New Ro is a “Champion City”

School-City-Community Task Force Announced

School, City, and community leaders in New Rochelle will participate together in a “Task Force on Reducing Violence in the Lives of Youth.” Earlier today, Dr. Jonathan Brice, an independent expert with wide-ranging educational experience, was named to Chair this effort. If you are interested in serving on the Task Force, please complete this online … Continue reading School-City-Community Task Force Announced

School District Launches Anti-Bullying App

Students in the New Rochelle public schools will be able to report bullying and harassment, substance abuse, and other safety concerns using an anonymous two-way communications system.  The goal is to confront and reduce harmful behavior through better sharing of information, and to provide all students with a safe and supportive learning environment. There’s more … Continue reading School District Launches Anti-Bullying App

North Avenue is Open for Business

This morning, City, School, and Police officials met with North Avenue business owners to discuss recent incidents of student violence, share information about new safety measures, listen to concerns and suggestions, and consider how we can strengthen our shared efforts to promote a secure and thriving business environment. There is more information in this press … Continue reading North Avenue is Open for Business

School District Addresses Safety Issues

At a packed community meeting on Tuesday night and in a follow-up letter from Superintendent Brian Osborne this morning, School District authorities provided information about recent and upcoming safety measures, while also addressing many frequently-asked-questions.  Here’s the summary from the Superintendent. Beyond these immediate steps, as we move forward, the Board of Education will initiate … Continue reading School District Addresses Safety Issues