Mystery Photo

Question:  What is this object?  If you can identify it successfully, then you deserve some sort of special prize.  I had no clue.  The answer follows below.


Answer:  It’s part of the pool on the roof deck at 14 Lecount, being lowered into place at the construction site.  The photo below makes things a little clearer.  A neat image!


Register to Vote


Today is National Voter Registration Day — an important reminder to be sure you are prepared to vote in this year’s election.  You can find links to voter registration forms and also information about different ways to cast your ballot safely, with deadlines for each, by visiting You can also visit for helpful, non-partisan tips from the League of Women Voters. The last day to register is October 9, so don’t delay.


Our Democracy is Broken

This article from Ron Brownstein points out an important and disturbing fact.  If Republicans succeed this year in seating a new Justice to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg, then a majority of the Supreme Court will have been nominated by Presidents who lost the popular vote and confirmed by Senators representing less than half the country.  Decades of Supreme Court decisions — not to mention countless other laws and executive actions — will flow from the flawed, deeply undemocratic nature of the U.S. Senate and the Electoral College, which now routinely permit the few to rule over the many.

That’s not how things are supposed to work. Democratic institutions are supposed to provide for the orderly conversion of majority will into public policy, while also protecting minority rights. The stability and success of democracy depends on all sides perceiving this process as just; the winners demonstrating restraint in the knowledge that power is impermanent, the losers accepting government action as legitimate, even when they disagree with the specifics.

By contrast, America is suffering today from something like a national auto-immune disorder, with the core principle of majority rule coming under assault from the very electoral and legislative institutions that are supposed to protect it.  Our democracy is broken.

What’s more, it’s broken in ways that warp the character of our two major parties. In a healthy system, parties would work symmetrically to change minds and win votes within a democratic framework to which they are equally committed.  Instead, one party is frighteningly open to authoritarianism and voter suppression, perceiving its partisan interests to be in conflict with democratic norms. The other is increasingly disillusioned and desperate, as its voters become functionally disenfranchised.

What’s the answer?  Here are some possibilities:

•  Popular Election of the President

•  Ranked-Choice Voting

•  Election of the Senate by National Party List

•  Fixed Terms for the Supreme Court

Fundamental Constitutional reforms like these are sometimes thought to be radical solutions, but, given the present crisis, defense of the status quo strikes me as more radical and dangerous by far.  Our democracy will not survive a persistent and widening gap between popular will and the exercise of power.


Get Your Flu Shot!

Mayor Noam Bramson gets his flu shot

This morning, I joined the pharmacy team at New Rochelle’s Stop and Shop to get my flu shot.  There’s more information in this press release.  Getting your annual flu vaccine is always a smart thing to do, and this simple step takes on special urgency right now, as we all work to avert a potentially dangerous interaction between the flu and COVID-19 and ensure that our health care system doesn’t get overwhelmed this fall.  Having taken aggressive measures to confront COVID since March, New Rochelle understands the high stakes better than almost any community in America, so let’s once again act responsibly by getting ourselves vaccinated.

Update: Here’s coverage on WCBS-TV.