James Schutzer, Noam Bramson, and Marsha Gordon

Genuine surprises are pretty rare, and I received one last night at the annual dinner of the Business Council of Westchester.  Shortly after the keynote address from Governor Hochul, BCW President/CEO Marsha Gordon called me to podium to receive the Legacy Award for our achievements in New Rochelle.  In a startled and hopefully coherent acceptance, I remarked that my personal role in municipal leadership is often merely supporting, and that credit for our progress goes to the team of colleagues who have worked so hard over decades to move our city forward.  In the span of a generation, New Rochelle has advanced from a cautionary tale to a positive model, and it is very gratifying to leave public office with a true sense of shared accomplishment.  Thank you, Marsha Gordon and the BCW, for recognizing our work and for being such outstanding partners every step of the way.