I am thrilled to congratulate Yadira Ramos-Herbert on her decisive victory in yesterday’s primary election to become the Democratic nominee for Mayor of New Rochelle.  Here are the unofficial results.

Yadira’s primary opponent, Damon Maher, released a statement overnight that serves as a model of graciousness in defeat, a quality I admire greatly and which is essential to the health of our democracy.  I hope Damon’s family and supporters will draw pride and comfort from his well-chosen words and from the knowledge of his valued service.

The general election is sure to be hard-fought, and no one should take it for granted, but Yadira has clearly inspired enthusiasm across our entire community and taken a giant step toward making history as our next Mayor.  There is no one better suited than Yadira to bring people together and move New Rochelle into a hopeful new chapter.  On to November!

Congratulations also to Terry Clements, who was renominated for another term on the County Legislature and to Shane Osinloye, a first-time candidate who was nominated for the City Council in District Four.  As of this writing the outcome in the District Three primary is too close to call, with just four(!) votes separating the top finishers, David Peters and Kwamain Dixon.

A word of thanks to Council Member Ivar Hyden, who fell short in yesterday’s primary.  Across a dozen years on the Council and much longer as an active resident of New Rochelle, Ivar has left a meaningful mark on our city.  I look forward to making the most of our final months in service together.