New Rochelle has initiated a comprehensive redesign of our transit center, designating the talented team at fxcollaborative to be our partners in the planning process.

A vital resource for our community, the New Rochelle Transit Center nonetheless suffers from a variety of flaws: hidden below grade, with entry points that are obscure or unattractive, poorly connected to nearby neighborhoods, challenging to navigate, especially for pedestrians, and aside from its core functions, mainly inactive.

New Rochelle deserves better.  So, in addition to confronting these problematic conditions head-on, our vision aims to preserve, restore, and celebrate the station house itself, a true gem of the 19th century, while bringing the rest of the Transit Center fully into the 21st in its amenities, sustainability, appearance, and connectivity.  The local benefits are obvious, and this initiative has regional significance, too, with Penn Access soon bringing many more travelers to New Rochelle.

There’s more information in this presentation to the City Council.  You can also watch our announcement from earlier this week or read my full remarks.

Design is only step one.  Successful execution will require time, public dialogue, and resources.  But having proven that we can set big goals and achieve them, New Rochelle is more than up to the challenge.  I look forward to creating a true community hub, ready to serve our growing, thriving city.