A true pleasure to cut the ribbon today for the new Anderson Plaza, between North Avenue and New Roc.  Completely redesigned with outdoor dining space, splash pad, concession stand, and other amenities, Anderson Plaza will be a wonderful venue for special events and markets, not to mention a fun place to gather any time to enjoy the outdoors.  I extend thanks and congratulations to our City Hall Development team, the Plaza designers, and our partners at Wilder-Balter and LMXD who funded the project in conjunction with the nearby Stella.  As our downtown grows by leaps and bounds, New Rochelle is putting a special emphasis on creating and activating open spaces, with upcoming plans for the LINC and the Echo Bay shoreline as additional examples of this priority.

Today’s opening also had some personal significance for me.  Anderson Street was the location of my very first job back in high school, as a stockboy and cashier at a gift shop.  It is incredibly gratifying to return to the same spot, and to play even a small role in shaping a space that will serve our community well for many decades to come.