Proud that New Rochelle is among about 40 local governments nationwide that have signed on to this amicus brief in support of the DACA program.  As the brief rightly states:

“Amici are economically, politically, and socially diverse, and they share a common interest in building communities where all residents, regardless of immigration status, feel safe and empowered to participate in civic life . . . The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and the current rule (2022 DACA Rule) directly benefit all of amici’s residents by encouraging DACA recipients to openly participate in their communities and interact with local governments. Before DACA was first instituted in 2012, many DACA recipients feared the basic tasks of everyday life, like going to work, attending school and church, or simply buying groceries. Mothers and fathers with American citizen children often left in the morning uncertain if they would come home and see their children again. DACA was created and exists to ameliorate fears like these: DACA both focuses limited immigration enforcement resources on those with significant criminal history, and enables young people — who often know no country other than this one — to contribute to their communities.”