I’ve just sent the following message citywide.  Please use caution during the storm and stay safe.

Good afternoon. This is the City of New Rochelle with a storm alert.

Para espanol, oprima numero uno. 

Heavy rain is forecast for our area, beginning this evening, then intensifying early tomorrow morning and continuing through tomorrow afternoon, with the possibility of flash floods.

We urge residents to avoid unnecessary travel and use caution, particularly during tomorrow’s rush hour, when the storm may be especially intense.

The City has already cleared culverts and catch basins in flood prone areas and will continue monitoring conditions. Additional bulletins will follow, if warranted.

Meanwhile, some of us are still recovering from the remains of Hurricane Ida. If you have not applied for FEMA disaster assistance, the deadline is Monday December 6. The City webpage www.newrochelleny.com/idarecovery has more information.

And for the latest on the current storm, visit newrochelleny.com/stormupdates.

This has been Mayor Noam Bramson.  Thank you for listening, and stay safe.