COVID vaccines are now widely available in our community and region, representing a significant change from the early days of the vaccination process, when limited supplies posed a major obstacle.  The big challenge now is motivating all of our friends and neighbors to get vaccinated, while also addressing misinformation about vaccine safety.  This afternoon, I sent the following message citywide, one part of our local effort to encourage everyone to get vaccinated.

Good afternoon this is the City of New Rochelle with an update on the ​COVID vaccine.

After months of limited vaccine supply, we have turned a corner, and vaccines are now widely available right here in New Rochelle and throughout our region.

You can make an appointment at a local doctor’s office or pharmacy, or walk-in with no appointment ​to the mass vaccination sites at the Westchester County Center or the Yonkers Armory.   If you need transportation, there are free and low-cost options, including New Rochelle’s Circuit shuttle with an expanded service area, as well as Paratransit and Lyft coupons for eligible riders.

For assistance, visit our website at, email, or call (914) 227-9309.

And if you’re unsure about taking the vaccine, please: speak to your doctor, talk to your pharmacist, or listen to friends and relatives who have already been vaccinated. Turn to the people you trust, and learn from their direct experience and knowledge.

We’ve all suffered painful losses in the past year. Now all of us can take this simple, safe, and effective step to recovery – for ourselves and for those we love.

This has been Mayor Noam Bramson. Thank you for listening, and stay healthy.