The COVID relief package approved this week by Congress includes a wide range of positive features to help struggling families and businesses get back on their feet and to advance public health.  Among other things, it could cut child poverty in half, a remarkable achievement.

Beyond these broad national impacts, the State and local aid provisions of the bill are highly significant to New Rochelle.  Our city will receive approximately $36 million in direct aid, spread over two years.  This assistance will enable New Rochelle to recoup COVID-related expenses and revenue losses, while also positioning our community as a whole for sustained recovery and resilience.

The precise use of our aid must fit certain limited categories defined in the legislation — we can’t spend the money on just anything.  In the weeks ahead, the City Council and Administration will carefully review these parameters in order to ensure that federal assistance is used most effectively and equitably.

I thank President Biden, Majority Leader Schumer, and our entire federal delegation for their leadership on this critical priority.