Even though it’s still winter, this is prime time to plan for a healthier, greener landscape around your home. Courtesy of New Rochelle’s Ecology and Natural Resources Advisory Committee, here are five eco-friendly tips:

•  Learn about and order native plants. Plant wisely for a healthy landscape and yard.

•  Make a plan for spring before it arrives. Make a plan to care for your natural landscape with these tools and tips.

•  Use rainwater not freshwater to save the Earth and your pocketbook.  Every drop counts (literally): learn how to harvest rainwater with rain barrels.

•  Prune your trees in winter. Pruning improves tree structure and resilience to high winds and storms. Learn how to prune your trees and how to keep them healthy and happy.

•  Start composting, it’s good for your landscape and our city. Check out this guide to home composting made easy.